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Developers Heaven: Top 15 Places to Learn Programming Online

Online Websites To Learn programming (2)

Why Programming Is Considered as the Core Skill of this Century?

Online Websites To Learn programming

Undoubtedly, it’s not necessary to learn programming for everyone. A scientist or an artist don’t find any benefit in investing a huge time in learning programming. But, Some programming experts explain it in different way and defines the uses of Programming as:

  • Creativity in work: If You’ve good grip over the programming then you can introduce more creativity in your work. In other words, Programming allows you to shape your thoughts in reality in a creative way.
  • Rapid Work Completion: A programmer can definately complete various computer works in very short interval of time than that of non-programmer. Simply, It can make you 10 time faster than your normal working speed.

How to Learn Programming Easily?


The days have passed away in which the programming languages could only be learnt by programmers. Earlier it was difficult to learn programming languages because there was the absence of skilled teachers to teach difficult programming languages to people. But as the technology is advancing, learning programming languages had become simpler and easier. Nowadays, you can easily find the teachers to make you learn these programming languages. You can even learn these programming languages through online tutorials. Here is the list of 15 places to learn unlimited programming languages and master your programming skills.


Online Websites To Learn Programming (1)

This is one of the most popular website that teaches you the coding with interactive sessions. Once you enter the website, you can taste the programming from the start page itself. It offers courses like jQuery, PHP, Web Fundamentals, APIs, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and Python. You are also explained the need of every instruction and code. It will also warn you about the errors in your code and will also provide you with hints.

Code Avengers

Online Websites To Learn Programming (2)

It is designed to make you fall in love with programming. It only offers few courses to learn like CSS3, HTML 5 an JavaScript. These courses are designed to entertain you in all aspects. After every lesson ends, you can release your stress by playing a game. It follows the gradual approach of learning. It is designed keeping the beginners in mind.

Code School

Online Websites To Learn Programming (3)

After finishing the courses in above two academies, you can enhance your programming skills at Code School. It allows you to learn the courses in more depth. It classifies the courses in 4 major paths – Ruby, HTML/CSS, iOS and JavaScript. Each of the courses is designed impressively with screenshots too, to make you understand.


Online Websites To Learn Programming (4)

The courses offered are more focused to project oriented approach. It has plethora of foundation courses focusing on video then quiz approach. The courses are divided into different modules. The first stage learner need to pay around $25 monthly to access 650+ videos. You can obtain the depth in courses by applying for $49 monthly pack to get deeper access.


Online Websites To Learn Programming (5)

If you are a non interactive learner then you can learn JavaScript, Ruby, and Python at beginning level through hard way. You just need to click ‘Start Course’ and start a lesson. It adopts the command prompt styled interpreters to operate your code.


Online Websites To Learn Programming (6)

It unifies the perceptive video lectures and quizzes to provide interactive experience to the students. It provides more number of videos as compared other websites. The teachers are either the real-life instructors or the industrial veterans.


Online Websites To Learn Programming (7)

You can learn here the courses related to computer science and web development. It is easy to learn lessons here with fun. You can learn courses like data structures, puzzle challenges, animation, JavaScript, and data structures. It helps you to develop programming skills by thinking more and solving number of problems. You can start learning the courses at $25.

Khan Academy

Online Websites To Learn Programming (8)

It serves as the open playground for the amateurs who wish to learn courses like animation and user interaction with course is very easy. You can learn the programming languages through video tutorials.

Scratch 2.0

Online Websites To Learn Programming (9)

Kahn Academy and CodeHS are little tough for beginners. It is offline software that allows you to create, share and upload projects successfully. Previously scratch was offline software. It has now become online after the launch of its successor 2.0.


Online Websites To Learn Programming (10)

The SQL (structured query language) is designed to store and retrieve data from the database. It is quite boring. SQLZOO helps you to learn SQL language in interactive manner with use of smileys.


Online Websites To Learn Programming (11)

It is the online racing game developed by Treehouse that will force you to learn code to move ahead of race track. You earn badges after completing the course learning.

MIT OpenCourseWare

Online Websites To Learn Programming (12)

The institute had opened its course contents to the website audiences. It is difficult to learn MIT education without bank loans because the fee is quite high.

Mozilla Developer Network

Online Websites To Learn Programming (13)

It is the rich collection that comprises of documents on web development made for everyone. A person can master his/her skills learning from here.

The Code Player

Online Websites To Learn Programming (14)

You can watch the creative presentations that explain you how people create things from scratch. Once you learn the coding, you can add your own presentation for people.

Learn Python the hard way

Online Websites To Learn Programming (15)

It offers you the free PDFs to learn python. You need to pay $29 to take video version of courses. It does not allow you to copy or paste the code.



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