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Using the Internet is a powerful tool for any business. With the new advances in telecom technology your internet connection can now be used to set up a digital PBX phone system.

Some of the providers establish internet-based business phone lines that are a cost-effective option for businesses of any size. Your entire telecom system from voice to messaging and fax and all is established through a singular system using your board band internet connection (image via shutterstock).

What is Possible with a VoIP service?

  • With a business phone line through a renowned service provider you can enjoy a variety of options.
  • Dedicated office lines and remote lines for field employees work on one system
  • Calls and faxes are available anywhere there is an active internet connection
  • All inclusive pricing includes long distance and international calling
  • All popular features like Caller ID and call waiting are included
  • No instillation or purchase or hardware is necessary
  • Digital connection assures call clarity

Ease of Installation


Ring Central business phone lines require very limited set up and ease of installation. It is not necessary to have any hardware installed into your office or any alterations made to your property. In fact here is not even a need for the service provider to have to send out anyone to install the system. Once your account is established all you need to do is hook up the phone and start making and receiving calls (image via shutterstock).

Multiple phone lines to different departments or offices can be set up through this system. Since it is internet-based, offices in multiple locations or different states can even be connected. Employees are able to function remotely or in the field with just a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet computer. When you ask an employee to work in different areas of your business they can always be available to you or your clients. A mobile device can even be routed through a dedicated workspace so employees can access their entire workspace even on the road.

Depending to your needs you can have one dedicated line of multiple extensions. All calls can be fielded through a singular main number. Either a human receptionist or automated system can field the calls to the appropriate party. You can establish contacts lists that enable callers to choose what department or representative they wish to speak with.

There is no need to buy additional hardware unless you choose to. The provider offers different phone options to its customers that enable many features. Phones can handle up to six different lines from one singular unit. However calls can also be made through a computer equipped with microphone and speakers.

Connect Employees over Vast Areas

connecting employees

For large companies business can happen over an extended area and require long-distance communication. If you have employees that travel throughout a large facility or to multiple locations throughout the day, it can be difficult to contact them when necessary. Clients attempting to call their workspace would traditionally have to leave a message. However a virtual-based phone system allows calls to be directly transmitted to a mobile device. The employee can take calls and even receive important faxes regardless of their location within the work facility or if they are in the field (image via shutterstock).

Once you establish an account with your provider you can even set up the system on all mobile devices. Calls can be made from a smart phone that shows to the recipient as if you were dialing from your main number. Additionally, as a business owner you can control your businesses entire telecom network from your mobile device anywhere in the world.

Automated Call Answering Day or Night


By using an auto attendant you can establish a virtual reception for all of your important business calls. Calls can be answered twenty four hours a day and be directed to any extension on your network. Callers can be greeted by a recorded message of your choice. This is also an opportunity to provide them informational prompts. For example, a caller might be able to press two for directions, or press three for hours of operation. Having informational prompts such as this can answer some of your client’s most frequently asked questions and alleviate the call volume to actual employees. Since they are not answering calls regarding frequent questions, employees can better assist on-site customers or more complex calls (image via shutterstock).

You can also set up a name directory so that every client who calls can be directly connected to the appropriate party. The added benefit is hours can be set up where a live receptionist will take calls, and then at a designated time the automated system takes over. Or if call volumes are heavy, the automated system can back up a receptionist to avoid long hold times.

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