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Don’t Install Too Much WordPress Plugins: Reasons

There is no end to the world of WordPress plugins available for you to use. A number of freebies are available for you to use and the list of these WordPress plugins keeps getting bigger with the addition of more plugins each day. You can find thousands of WordPress plugins from a variety of sources, most of which are free while you can buy some of them for different purposes.

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With all the cool features and functionality that they offer, it is often very tempting to install a lot of plugins, even when you really don’t need them on your site. But, recommendations from experts say, “Don’t install too much WordPress plugins to your website, if not needed”. Before you plan to use several plugins on your site, read below why using too many plugins can have a negative impact on your readers.

Non-secure WordPress Plugins

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If a plugin works well it does not mean that it is secure to use. Some of the plugins especially the freebies can bring in the risk of hackers trying to hack down your website. Since it is really difficult to figure out which plugin is secure and which is not, it is advisable to use the minimum number of plugins. Installing lesser number of WordPress plugins can save your website from the harms which they can bring in.

  • Risk of hackers
  • Site Insecurity
  • Conflicts amongst Different Plugins

Sometimes the plugins that you use might not be compatible with each other. If you install such plugins together, it can lead to the start of a problem to your website.

Sometimes, installing an incompatible plugin may result in washing away the whole content of the website. This is one reason why it is advised to keep a backup of their website content. Keeping a regular track of your website content can really help you in such situations.

Some other problems of malfunctioning of important tools may also occur on installing incompatible plugins together.

Slow Website Loading

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This marks to be the most irritating side effect of using too many WordPress plugins on your website. Each plugin installed on your WordPress sends server a request when users load your website. This is what slows down your site’s loading process and irritates the users. Too many active plugins can make your site that slow that it seems to crawl virtually. Though installing caching plugins can help but greater number of plugins will does affect the site’s performance.

Loaded Database

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Your database will also need time to update each time a plugin is used on your website. The actual time might not be noticeable but if the stuff keeps adding, the time will soon become noticeable.

  • It is recommended to reduce the number of WordPress plugins on your website in order to enhance its performance.
  • In order to eliminate the extra load on your site’s database and reduce clutter, it is recommended that you must delete all inactive plugins that have been installed on your website.

Availability of Free WordPress Plugins

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Your free plugins have no guarantee for their availability. They can close down anytime. When any of your free plugins close down, you can get irritated from sticking up of your work. This will be a time when the developers of the plugins won’t come to your help as well.

  • They might not also respond to your queries when the plugins stop and affect the tools on your site adversely.
  • The lesser number of WordPress plugins that you use, the higher are the chances that your website will remain safe.

Updated Plugins

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It is important for you to make sure that all the WordPress plugins on your site are updated to their most recent versions. Having older versions of plugins can lead to script conflicts. This might make your site vulnerable to a number of spammers and hackers out there.


You must use the WordPress plugins that you are really going to need. It is stupid to install all that comes your way or all that seems enticing. Such plugins will always bring in problems sooner or later. Believe in the principle that less is more. So install a WordPress plugin because of its necessity rather than because of the fact that it is flashy.

Also, make sure that your plugins are updated. Keep your site protected by using the necessary security features such a WP Firewall2. You can also have a backup version of your website on your local computer for testing plugins before using them on your live site. Keep plugins to the minimum required number and ensure that they have proper features and functionality that would help your fellow visitors. Also, keep all you active plugins updated to ensure that any strain on your database is kept to a minimum.



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