Download 500+ Free & Useful PC Icons

Download 500+ Free & Useful PC Icons

Free icons are always a top search by the web designers and users on the internet and people always looking for new icons sets with different styles so they can use it in there different design projects. PC.DE offering 10 sets of 1000 high-quality free .png icons in sizes 16×16 & 32×32 for bloggers and web designers to use in private & commercial projects with Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. So download the icons and use them as you like. Huge list of icons in 10 icons sets which will help you in many ways and will be very useful and handy in your daily design¬†related work.


102 free (including Facebook + logo) .png “Frankfurt am Main” icons are orange as orange juice is. All metaphors are included in a box with rounded corners and 1px bevel. Minimalistic bold lines – the art of zen.

Download 500+ Free & Useful PC Icons


100 “Stuttgart” icons are designed in a Windows 2000 style. Limited amount of colours, crisp pixels even in small sizes, sharp edges. Reflects the style of Mark Jame’s Silk icons.

Download 500+ Free & Useful PC Icons


100 free .png “Dusseldorf” black icons for grey background. 1 out of 4 spartan sets (out of 10). Sharp edges for web typography.

Download 500+ Free & Useful PC Icons


100 professional.png “Essen” icons in sizes 16×16 and 32×32. Free for commercial use as well. Colourfull set of icons for web applications.

Download 500+ Free & Useful PC Icons


100 small .png “Bremen” icons with shadow for use on a dark background. Original style for creative people – web designers dream come true.

Download 500+ Free & Useful PC Icons


“Dortmund” icons consist of a single bold line, but each line has a gap. Like the gap between the fingers – no gap-less version will ever exist.

Download 500+ Free & Useful PC Icons


Orange, bold and outlined 100+ free .png “Munich” icons designed for use in web designs with white background. All icons are oriented towards practical use and commerce. Some are general (ex., comment, user, edit), some specific (ex. freelance, donate, basket).

Download 500+ Free & Useful PC Icons


Blue is the colour of the sky. Most websites are made nowadays blue or green. The simple combination of blue and white feel light and can be used designing a wordpress theme or eccomerce store – everything you need is allready here in size 16×16 and 32×32.

Download 500+ Free & Useful PC Icons


In our 10 icon set concept this is the 1st full colour set. Yet the number of colours used is not endless, colours are not too bright, they are not Vista-ish in no way. “Hamburg” would look good on a personal blog and an online bank as well.

Download 500+ Free & Useful PC Icons


Berlin is a mostly rainy and windy city in the heart of Europe, so is “Berlin”. The set is grey only and can be used even on a dark background. Every single icon from this set will be repeated 9 more times in different sets / colours, but the fragrance will remain.

Download 500+ Free & Useful PC Icons

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