Ecstatic with beautiful staircases decorated with flowers

Fresh flowers always make the extra space and full of fresh vitality. Not only used to decorate the dining table, living room, kitchen, you can also decorate the stairs with little flowers fresh for extra space. Let see some beautiful staircases below:

These staircases decorated with fresh flowers will make you extremely excited. You can refer to decorate the staircase for your own house on holidays, weddings or simply a refresh of the family living space.

Monotonous and rigid staircase becomes extremely tender and lovely with fresh flowers or vines, vases, pots and lovely basket of flowers decorated along.

beautiful staircases

These beautiful flowers combined with green leaf vines bundles and hang on stairs with reasonable distance make stairs more attractive. You can use white flowers with green leaves will make an extremely pure combination. beautiful staircasesGently colorful vintage flowers, add a bundle of small flowers and little green , they will adorn beautiful staircases.

beautiful staircasesThese roses are fixed on the stairs , tie with ribbons drooping towards creating harmonious unity but simple.

beautiful staircasesColorful flowers tied to the staircase under certain distance , next you connect them by vines from this bouquet to another bouquet forming extremely beautiful arc.

beautiful staircases

The green of the leaves, white flowers dotted on the handrail. beautiful staircases

Or simply made hanging basket by braided wire , then planted roses decorated with a small branch flowers beside and attach it to the stairs. A bit simple but makes the stair angle becomes extremely attractive. beautiful staircases

The black flower pots, combined with white petals very fit white stairs wallpapers with zigzag path motifs like black eyes. beautiful staircases

The tiny flower pots arranged in zigzag path along the staircase shape also makes the stairs become very special. beautiful staircases

Small jars, add a few flowers were cut short and plugging ladder placed at each corner of the stairs enough to make your home becomes extremely attractive. 10

You can also choose the high glass jars to plug the high branches of flowers, add green leaves to make a little extra space for fresh parts.

11The idea of placing small vase of beautiful small bird cage is also great, put a few petals at ladder’s conners. This will be extremely great decoration effect .


Don’t need to decorate the whole staircase, just decorate the first two stair handrails with two beautiful bouquet is fine. You can add a bow waist chiffon fabric or with ribbon.



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