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Emotional photographic works about human eyes

At the moment we first meet someone, to guess their emotions and their intentions are what we usually look straight into their eyes. The ancients have a saying, “The eyes are the windows of the soul”, the eyes can convey the truth about man and the soul of all languages. Perhaps understanding that, during development of photography, the photographer has captured a lot of full emotional human eyes. The photos in this gallery were searched from history to pick out photos which can describe the emotions that hard to tell just by a glance.

Lava360 would like to introduce a photographic works in which only the eyes alone say it all the photographer’s emotions which no language can express.

acceptance human eyes
Nazi soldier prepared to shoot a Jew next to the mass graves.
amazement human eyes
Harold Whittles- a deaf hear the first sounds through hearing aids.


caution human eyes
Sharbat Gula village was attacked by helicopter of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the early 1980s. Sharbat’s parents were killed, she and her siblings and hiking to a refugee Nasir Bagn camp near Pakistan.
courage human eyes
Aisha’s father (18 years old) was betrothed to his daughter with a Taliban fighter when she 12 years old. Then 2 years, Aisha married at 14 was treated brutally. 18 years old, she fled but was arrested by police, imprisoned and then returned home. The other family members took her to the mountain, nose and ears cut off and leave her there. Aisha was then save by aid workers and US troops. Her face on the cover of Time magazine did an uproar about the lives of Afghan women.
deception human eyes
Pictures of Yukio (17 years old) is holding a dog along with four of his friends in the corps 72, Shinbu. The photo was taken before the date of his teammate Yukio together to fight America in Bansei and never returned.
defeat human eyes
Red Army soldiers escorting German prisoners after the Battle of Stalingrad
despair human eyes
Photograph of a woman lying on the sidewalk in the Warsaw ghetto; taken by Joest Heinz, Poland, in 1941.
envy human eyes
Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield gaze at the party’s 20th anniversary Century Fox studios in April 1957
fatigue human eyes
Haunting eyes of an American prisoner of war to escape from prison after Germany. Photo taken in Limburg, Germany, in 1945.
fear human eyes
A 15-year-old German soldier, Hans-Georg Henke, crying in fear after US troops captured 9th in Rechtenbach, Germany, on April 3, 1945
hatred human eyes
Goebbels had laughed, talked happily, but when he knew Eisenstaedt was Jewish, he had to change the attitude and look Eisenstaedt with hating eyes.
human eyes
Anna Fisher is the first woman to enter space in 1985.
human eyes
12 year-old Brazilian boy Diego Frazao Torquato play violin in his teacher’s funeral. This the one has helped him overcome the brutality of violence and poverty through music.
innocence human eyes
The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes – Photo copyright Vanessa Bristow
human eyes
lost innosence human eyes
Ahmed (age 8), son of the Syrian rebels are smoke and guarded with AK – 47 in Aleppo. Ahmed is one of the youngest soldiers in the Civil War.
madness human eyes
Shell soldiers shocked and lost control after undergoing bombardment with a hail of bullets, no weapons to fight the Battle of Courcelette, September 1916.
panic human eyes
In 1989, in the FA Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Sheffield, England; The worst disaster in the history of football has occurred. Overcrowded extremist fans have jostled, shoved that 96 people died, 766 people were injured.
relief human eyes
After 23 hours heart surgery,
shame human eyes
A French woman head shaved as a punishment of the German army in World War 2.
suffering human eyes
Nguyen Thi Ly, 9-year-old victims of Agent Orange. During the Vietnam War, the US military sprayed approximately 12 million barrels of Agent Orange. Although more than 30 years, but the consequences of dioxin still lingering, even as far as the 3rd generation of soldiers.




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