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Essential Tips to Get Your Google Adsense Approved

Do you own a blog or a website? Are you thinking to earn good money from your blog or website? If yes, then Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make out some good money through your blog. Google Adsense is one of the largest Ad networks around the world. It works on pay per click basis. Advertisers throughout the world connect with Google to advertise their products. Google send the advertising to the site of publisher and pays him on per click basis. If you want to earn good money from your website or blog then you need to follow tips to get your Google Adsense approved.

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Before sending the application to Google Adsense, you must be sure that your website follows each and every policy of Google in your country. Once your adsense account gets approved, you can start earning money. But you should beware of fake clicks that may lead to banning of your Adsense account. So here are some tips that you need to follow in order to get your adsense account approved.

Tips to Get Your Google Adsense Approved

Create the important pages of your Website

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Some pages are really important for your website before you apply for adsense. These are:

  • Privacy Policy: The privacy policy page of your website must tell the visitors that what readers will get on the blog, what is blog all about, and the information sources. You can write your privacy policy manually or by using privacy policy generator tools.
  • About Page: This page is another important element for getting adsense approved. It should describe about the author of the website or blog.
  • Contact Us: The contact us page must have valid contact information so that user can reach you in case of any query.
  • Disclaimer: This page must claim the validation of the information that you provide on your website.

Age Verification

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You must be 18 or above in order to apply for Google adsense. Google does not permit people below the age of 18 years to take part in its adsense program.

Write Good Quality Content

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The quality of content matters a lot. The content you write on your blog must be above 500 words per post. Quality content has following attributes: (Image Via: Shutterstock)

  • It should be free from grammar errors
  • It should be written in order to give knowledge to the reader
  • It should be free from spelling errors
  • It should be easily understandable by the user

Total Number of Posts on Blog/Website

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It is recommended to have at least 20-30 blog post on your blog in order to get your adsense approved. Though there are blogs on which the adsense get approved even with 5-10 posts, but why to take risk, write more than 20 posts and apply for adsense.

Blog Age

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Blog age plays an important role in getting your adsense approved. There are blog that might get their adsense approved within a month because of their quality work.

  • The standard age of blog/website must be 6 months before going for adsense
  • The blog must be updated regularly in this period

Content Type

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Google is strict towards the content of the website. It has different rules for different countries regarding the type of person a citizen of country can show on his/her website.

  • In most of the countries, Adsense do not get approved on sexually explicit or pornographic content.
  • Adsense is also not allowed on non English blog for most of the countries
  • The content must be above 300 words
  • The content must not be dealing with illegal terms or spreading misconception or false belief

Ads of Other Network

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Though Google adsense allows you to use up to three ad networks along it, but it is highly recommended to remove the ads of other networks before you apply for Google adsense. (Image via: Shutterstock)

Do not use black hat

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Google hates black hate techniques. Sites using blackhat techniques do not get approval easily. Some of the black hat techniques to be avoided before sending application to Google adsense are:

  • Do not go for excess of link building to optimize blog
  • Do not make spammy comment to derive traffic
  • Do not use paid traffic

Create Sitemap and Submit to Webmaster Tools

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You must create the sitemap of your website and submit it to the webmaster tools for indexing. Though, Google fetches your website regularly. The submission of sitemap on webmaster tools tells the search engine to index the links of your website.

  • Indexing of your website to search engine will improve traffic
  • Webmaster tools also tells you about the crawl errors of your site that must be removed before submitting adsense application

So follow above tips carefully and you will definitely get your adsense approved. These tips need to be followed sincerely.



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