40 Inventive Examples of Abstract Photography

Amongst all types of photography, abstract is the one which is the most interesting one. Abstract could mean a lot of things and it could be bit confusing sometimes. Abstract photography is the one subject which appears a lot in today’s world. It can also mean a vague statement and it does not look like anything at all. It can be used to create impressive photos. The images taken under abstract photography relies more on form, color, curves than the image detail. While on the other hand, many of the photographers think recognize it as a way to learn to look at the things more differently.

Examples of Abstract Photography1.1

The meaning of abstract photography is not commonly having any accepted definition. In some ways if you look at the Abstract photography examples, it does not represent the subject in literal way and communicates more through colors and form of curves other than the image detail.

Examples of Abstract Photography

Examples of Abstract Photography1

Examples of Abstract Photography2

Tamron SP 90mm f/2.5 Macro (MF)

Examples of Abstract Photography4

Examples of Abstract Photography5

Examples of Abstract Photography6

The first question which comes in our mind is why one should take abstract images. Many photographers focus on capturing abstract images In-spite of having option of clicking

  • The first reason is that the abstract images can really stand out from the rest of the normal pictures.
  • The second is reason is that abstract images can be created anywhere a person is. This means that one can create abstract images at school, home, street or anywhere else. It saves a lot of time and expense in finding the perfect location which is the most important factor in other types of photography.
  • The demand of abstract photography is quite high compared to normal photography styles.

Essentials for clicking Abstract Images

The abstract photography works with three important elements: form, color and curves.

  • Form: It is referred to shape of objects. Form builds the heart of a picture while the colors and curves add to the enrichment. It is important that an abstract image begin with good form and this can be accomplished by selecting the objects with pleasing, interesting or dynamic shapes. It is more about an instinctual form of art. People develop this art form more emotional rather than logically. It must be treated like the same in the manner. You can start by looking at examples of Abstract Photography.

Examples of Abstract Photography7

  • Color: color draws anybody’s attention and in addition to it, it also changes or manipulates viewer’s perception about the picture. Color serves as important factor for drawing viewer’s attention. If you use saturated color in one approach and use colors which produces contrast in the other approach, this can create different mix of both.

Examples of Abstract Photography10

  • Curves: This helps in spicing up the abstract image. Curves can control the viewing angle of the picture. There are many ways a curve can be used and you can add interest by helping the viewer’s attention to specific places of the photo. It can be used to add interest to viewing angle and results in better image form. The other way that curves can help is by making it more subtle. Despite the fact that curves never point towards center of interest, they are nevertheless used to control viewer angle of perception and focus on image. With this approach you can easily develop some amazing examples of Abstract Photography. All three essential elements namely form, color and curves could be sued to produce impressive abstract pictures and there is lot to explore about abstract photography.

Examples of Abstract Photography11

With so many types of photography available, we can easily determine good photographs and differentiate from lesser ones. But how to determine which photos look good and which are not, this remains an important question. We typically look for striking details in photographs. Good type of photographs incorporate design elements like leading lines, selective focus, proper lighting or shadows, isolation of unnecessary details. All photographers look to accentuate important features while reducing or emanating the less attractive or uninteresting details. It only takes few seconds to judge whether a photo looks good or not because photographer makes necessary efforts to direct the eyes of viewer to important elements which trigger an emotional response.

Examples of Abstract Photography8

Examples of Abstract Photography9

Examples of Abstract Photography12

Examples of Abstract Photography13

Examples of Abstract Photography14.1

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You need to keep in mind that there are no hard rules for making an abstract photography as it follows no rules. This is more of guidelines which you can follow to create some of the best Abstract photography examples for others to follow. We all have a different perception of looking at the things and if you like the subject matter regardless of whether or not it fits you rules, you will still enjoy it. Abstract photography is an art of clicking pictures at your own way or showing them differently. Don’t expect everyone to see your abstract photography as you would. It is abstract and you have complete choice to modify or change it completely.



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