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40 Significant Examples of Conceptual Photography

The conceptual photography is the photography that generally illustrates an idea. This term had eventually been derived from the ‘Conceptual Art’ movement of 1960s. It is sometimes also referred to as conceptual stock photography and it derives its cue from the conceptual art. The main objective behind the conceptual photography is the emotional view of people that might change person to person. While viewing some of the conceptual photography examples, a person might feel that he/she is attached to the photographs.

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It had been seen in some cases that the concept photography can bring out the emotions out that were buried in human heart for some time. The aim of conceptual photography is to focus a little on actual object or the subject of photograph and focus more on bringing out the emotions of actual object in the photograph. It is the first and foremost concept of the photo. A concept photographer tries his/her level best to bring some message through the photo to a viewer. It can be a political message, social message, ethical judgment or any other type of message.

Examples of Conceptual Photography

Examples of Conceptual Photography`19.1

Examples of Conceptual Photography3

Examples of Conceptual Photography1

Use of Symbols in Conceptual Photography

The conceptual photography makes some healthy use of the graphics and good range of symbols to represent some idea, moods, movements, or anything else that a photographer might want to include. The symbols having well known connotations are used in this photography. One of the major problems that is faced by the photographer is that whether to use the universal symbols or use the symbols that are not universal but can enhance emotion in photo. Every symbol plays its own role and is important to bring out some real emotions from the photographs. The emotions are widely used by the conceptual photographer in the photographs to represent the deeper meaning of photograph.

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The conceptual stock photography had become a lucrative aspect and there are plenty of reasons that make people to purchase these kinds of photographs.

  • The conceptual photography can be used widely by the advertising agencies to market a product
  • The concept photography is also used by the marketing agencies
  • A single concept photograph can be effectively used for a large variety of concepts depending on the type of message that you can give
  • It can be effectively used in desktop publishing projects

These were the main reasons why people use and buy stock photography.

Tips to take Conceptual Photograph

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Examples of Conceptual Photography18

The conceptual photograph needs to be taken effectively and the photographer must be broad minded and accurate in action to take such photographs. Some of the essential tips that every photographer should know before going for conceptual photography are:

  • The eyes of photographer must be open and he/she must be ready to capture the conceptual photographs. The photographer must think out of the box to bring out more and more imagination that is generally not required in any other photography.
  • You need to particularly focus on aspects that are quite unnatural in the subject and capture them smartly.
  • Another technique is associating the words with the images that you see. You must be mentally prepared before you capture the photos. If you have a plan what to shoot then it becomes little easy to shoot the photo.
  • You must not be afraid to experiment taking different photos at different focal length and at different angles.

The concepts photographs are some of the best photographs that are taken in different way and look very different.

Educational Application of Conceptual Photography

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Examples of Conceptual Photography20

Examples of Conceptual Photography26

Conceptual photography is very important from educational point of view. Some of its benefits are:

  • They can help the child to bring out creativity and expand his view. The conceptual photography helps the child to develop his brain mentally
  • It helps the child to develop the audio visual learning concept in mind
  • It enhances the learning skills of a child and improves the vision. The child can really think big and out of the box
  • Every child has a different point of view and looks to things differently. The conceptual photograph depicts several meanings and the child can expand his/her imagination depicting different views and meanings associated with the photographs.
  • Students and teachers can also use these photographs to bring out a large prospective in a classroom to a singular meaning and learn the importance of unity and decision making and concluding too
  • It can make the students idealistic and students can easily develop thinking power and the thought process

So, if you are a conceptual photographer, you must keep the tips discussed above in mind and also learn about the importance and different aspects of conceptual photography.


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