Excellent ‘Coming Soon’ Pages that Make Visitors Come Back

A good Coming Soon page should tantalize visitors, telling them what they should expect once your website finally launches. Think about the “Coming Soon” billboards put up by stores to announce their grand openings. The best ones make shoppers excited about the new launch, and cause them to pause.

You’ll want your Coming Soon web-page to give a strong impression of your brand, so wait until you’ve got your logo designed before putting one up. You could also include a sign-up box to let your potential customers register for updates. This is a great way to start building up your contacts and mailing list before your business has even launched.

Below are twenty-five examples of great coming soon pages that should inspire you when you come to build your own.

1.       Get on with it

2.       Zombie Corp

3.       Feedore

4.       Fokus

5.       Chirp Tracker

6.       Toony Tuts

7.       The Money Pig

8.       Bird Boxx

9.       Uooo

10.   Disco Engine

11.   Remindness

12.   Cube Cart Styles

13.   Potato Mice

14.   Gods Dead

15.   Smart Pixel

16.   Designatr

17.   Hyperlingo

18.   Fav Movie

19.   Glimmr

20.   JW Plumbing

21.   Filtered Language

22.   Dialed Tone

23.   Chk chk Boom

24.   Rumblelabs

25.   Squid Chef

Article Source: Wix

Author: Siobhan Ambrose

is a writer living and working in the UK. She writes about all things technology, particularly WordPress and other open source CMS. She’s always interested in how to build your own website and new design and technology innovations. In her spare time she builds websites.


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