30+ Exceptional Apophysis Tutorials

Fractals are getting more and more favorite between designers and they’ve a beneficial intellect for it -on computer program* like Apophysis such fractal origination Is not boring process, just act with settings, variables, scripts  plugins and have marvelous results. . To get your attention this post will be inspirational so You could see what can be done with such small program just by testing and playing with settings. Here I present to You 33 exceptional apophysis free tutorials.

30+ Exceptional Apophysis Tutorials

Apophysis tutorial part separated in 3 parts for beginners, basic and advanced users. At the end of article You’ll find 2 more links, where You can continue Your research if You are serious about this program. It was real fun and interest compiling this article and through research I saw there are really a lot to learn, but everything is based on math so You can create unbelievable fractals as seen in previous Apophysis inspirational article.

Okay, now let the magic happen and good luck in Your own research!

Beginner Tutorials

1.Arcane Fractals

Arcane fractals offers very basic tutorials for beginners, so it’s great place for starting out:

a). Creating The Forms

b) Colouring the Flames

c) Saving And Rendering

d) Some FAQ’s


2.Starting tutorials about writing scripts

Here You should start out if You want to be more efficient with scripts, starting guide.


3. Apophysis Tutorial for Beginners

In this tutorial, you will learn about the many features of Apophysis. In it you’ll find a command cheat sheet, test files for you to experiment with and much more!


In order to get the most out of this tutorial, do not try to do it all at once. This tutorial is meant to be a guide, a walk through to help you get familiar with the program. Apophysis is both complex and simple; that is to say, there is much to learn, but once you get a feel for it, you’ll find it very easy to work with.

4. Basic and detailed Apophysis tutorial

Very well explained and simple guide showing several ways how to create fractals.


5. All About Apophysis

Very large tutorial. This explains a lot of what beginners will want to know about Apophysis. You’ll learn all about gradients, coloring techniques, some post-work, the editor window and variations, scripts, mutations, savings fractals, rendering fractals, and important Apophysis settings.


6. Using Resources Tutorial

A beginners guide to using resources in Apophysis.


7. Apophysis Help File 2.08

Huge apophysis help file with many tutorials and explanations not only for beginners but also for advanced users.


8. Tutorial on Developing a Linear Fractal for Apophysis Beginners


9. Exploring Apophysis 3D


The download includes a 75 page tutorial on how to make four different fractals and help You get Your feet on Apophysis. The download also includes a pack of 100 gradients, and a .flame file of the contents of this tutorial.

10. Basic Flower

A very basic tutorial on how to make a basic flower in Apophysis.

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