Exclusive Spectacular Skateboarding Artwork done by Dunkees

Skateboarding Art is very muh similar to graffiti art (cool, colorful, meaningful and stunning). Thats why today we have decided to present &inspiring exclusive skateboarding art work and custom skateboard’s made by Daniel Militonian for celebrities.. With unique cutting edge graphics and best of the best materials, any Dunkees product is an automatic head turner.

Dunkees was started by Daniel Militonian in early 2009. Combining his unique art and the love for skateboarding, he wanted to create a skateboard that would set every rider apart from the rest. All Dunkees products are made in the US and are hand picked by Daniel to make sure they meet his standards. Below you will find kind of a Exclusive interview of Daniel Militonian about his latest work done for celebrities. We have compiled exclusive spectacular skateboarding artwork done by Dunkess for your inspiration.If you like this post then you might also like our old post about skate board deck designs

ArtWork Gallery

Board done for Rob Dyrdek

I had made a board for and she was going down to the Fantasy Factory and I made that board for her to take it along. Last I heard he got the board and liked it.

Board done for Lil Wayne

The perspective in the picture is really capturing and it’s always one of the favourites. The board was
shipped to him and that was it.

Board done for Yelawolf

really good country south smart rap. Really cool guy.

Board done for

The meaning of the board is that the blood/love from the organization is awaking everyone to rise above.

Board done for Jersey Mikes Subs

a sub chain in the US. A friend of mine owns one and had me make some boards for his store.

Free Style: bigger thing I want to do one day.

This was just a free style, test to a bigger thing I want to do one day. Just something cool about having so many colors and shapes and details. Big hit.

Board done for Drake

He wanted his to look something like bigs and I believe it look really big and attractive isnay.

Board done for Biggie

I am a big fan of Biggie so I had to make a board in his honor

1st board I ever made

Called So. Cal it shoes the dream like side and the real BS side the music side and the nature  side all very Yin-Yang like. This is my top 3 most liked works I have done.

limited edition 50 board run

I am a member on an auto forum. Did a limited edition 50 board run, which was all sold in 6 days. The meaning is the dude floating is a mod and he had this old picture people made fun off, so I had to use it and show it as him eating the posts and only shitting out what he thinks we below should read. lol.

Boad done for DefJam featuring Ghostface Methodman

This Board’s artwork is done for DefJam featuring Ghostface Methodman, Redman,
Fabolous, The Dream, Juelz, Rick Ross. The meaning is me hanging back,
having a smoke and listening to good music

Dooms Day

Comets coming down on earth, aliens save us with Fat Man #2.

Angel in the sun

Brain tunes

Portrait done for porn star Brook Haven

I should have a picture with her and the drawing anyday now.

Burning of the good

Mary Jane, the green princess

I did this one for a Salon where I cut my hair.

Fish for Happiness

meaning for this is a lot of people are
scared to break through and find their true happiness. They should,
it’s beautiful out!

A portrait done for my barber GMONEYYY!!

No one else can cut hair like this girl! Envy Salon in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Post death/Pre Afterlife

This is what it looks like before you go to the next step in life after death.

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