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10+ Famous Family Portrait Paintings: Relations Captured

Paintings are always hidden with deep meanings. There are some paintings too that are meaningful and captures the ecstatic beauty of joy, happiness, and other emotions. These paintings are portrait painting that mostly depicts people or different things. Mostly, the portrait paintings depict portrait of a person or family. It tells about the closeness of family members and defines a true beauty of relation and customs. Some of the famous family portrait paintings are listed below.

Famous Family Portrait Paintings1.1

Famous Family Portrait Paintings

The Royal Family in 1846

Famous Family Portrait Paintings1

This portrait is of Queen Victoria as matriarch and monarch of the family. This is the painting of Russian Royal family.

  • The prince of the Wales is sitting with his three sisters Victoria, Alice, and Helena near the king
  • Young prince Alfred is in skirted outfit and is walking towards his sisters in the painting
  • Prince Albert is in Court Attire
  • It is prepared by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

La Famille Leonard

Famous Family Portrait Paintings2

This painting is made by Hyacinthe Rigaud and depicts the couple, who looks rich and is sitting with a child. It depicts decadence and richness of era.

Goya ‘Charles IV and his Family’, 1800

Famous Family Portrait Paintings3

This painting depicts the best clothing of family of Charles IV of country Spain.

  • The painting came into discussions about the placement of Queen in Center
  • She is the power behind the throne as depicted in painting

The Royal Family of France in Prison of the Temple in 1792-1851

Famous Family Portrait Paintings4

It is the painting of Queen Marie Antionette and her family in the prison of temple after the revolution in the country.

Modello Painting of Royal Family of Naples and the Two Sicilies

Famous Family Portrait Paintings5

It is the portrait depicting family from the Naples and the two Sicilies. The painting depicts portraits of:

  • Maria Amalia
  • Prince Franz
  • Ferdinand IV
  • Maria Karoline
  • Maria Christina
  • Prince Januarius
  • Maria Luisa
  • Maria Teresa

King James II

Famous Family Portrait Paintings6

This portrait depicts royal family beautifully and naturally. The colors and the activities in this painting look realistic and natural.

Spanish Royal Family in 1656

Famous Family Portrait Paintings7

This painting is created by Diego Velazquez. But this portrait is unclear in its depiction. The reality of royals and mirror reflections is depicted in the painting.

  • Portrait also depicts the little princess attended by the assistants
  • There is also a monarch at back in the painting

Judge Jeffries

Famous Family Portrait Paintings8

It depicts the court scene with lots of people, lawyers, and woman with a child. Many people are standing when judge passes statement.

Princess Alice and Family Posthumous Portrait

Famous Family Portrait Paintings9

This portrait is very interesting portrait that depicts her two daughters with her son. It is a controversial painting.

  • She had 4 daughters in reality
  • The frame depicts her oldest daughter Victoria and the Princess Irene
  • Grand Duchess Ella and Tsarina Alexandra are not there in the picture

The Potato Eaters

Famous Family Portrait Paintings10

It is a popular Dutch painting of farmers having their dinner at rustic table the looks on their faces and dark lighting tells the story of its own.

American Gothic

Famous Family Portrait Paintings11

This painting is made by Grant Wood. This painting depicts that people should have house like Gothic house.

  • It is one of the most popular paintings of twentieth century
  • The models in painting are the sister and dentist of artist



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