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For beautiful city [Clean after your dog]

My daily travel in Metro London and few journies around the world made me fall in love with advertising. The punch, the energy and the wackiness of their commercials thrilled me. There’s always something new out there grabbing my attention. Whether it’s a campaign or crazy technology that draws me in. My source of inspiration today is from city of BelgradeAd compaignFor beautiful city [Clean after your dog]” which is very very simple but very create at the same time.

Yes, yes and yes I do. Does that mean that other people do the same, no? That’s why this provoking ad compaign was launched by city of Belgrade Municipal corporation to keep the city clean. All of us have noticed in front of your yard that there have been some dogs visiting it. When I saw them then first thought comes to my mind, If I see them let their dogs go to the bathroom in my yard I usually stick my head out and ask where they live and tell them I have 2 very large dogs and I just wanted to visit their yard that way I don’t have to pick theirs and mine. They never really know what to say. Someone actually came back with a bag and cleaned it up. I think they got the point. What ever happened to being a good neighbor?


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