40 Mesmerizing Fractal Art Pictures for Art Lovers

Fractal art is a form of art is quite different and is based on algorithms. The fractal objects are calculated and are hence presented in the form of still images or animations. They have been from the mid-1980s. It belongs to the genre of modern art i.e. computer and digital form of art. It is majorly used in case of computer modeling where one desires to draw irregular pattern or structures.

This form is not drawn or painted with hands, but shall be created using the fractal software. The total drawing involves the below mentioned steps;

  • Parameters have been set by using the proper software.
  • Making note of all calculations
  • Then finally evaluating the product.
  • Similar transform are used to design and then geometric instruments are used to bring in variations within the pattern.

While creating such art pieces, graphic programs can be used to modify such pieces of art. This shall be called as post programming. With these methods of art creations some of the most mesmerizing fractal art pictures are produced which are appreciated all over the world.

Fractal Art Pictures


There are various assumptions in case of fractal art;

  • People assume that this cannot be created without the use of computers just because of the capability of calculations computers have.
  • It is drawn by applying iterative methods which is in turn use to solve the non linear questions.

Techniques of Fractal Art

This kind of art has been used for digital art and also animations. Fractal art is considered to be a scientific form of art, and has been evolved from the mainstream culture of art. This art is combined with human assistance algorithms wherein new specimens are chosen in order to produce new variations and add spice and variety to the monotonous designs,

Why are fractal images admired by people?

There have been reasons as to why the fractal designs are admired, and one of the major reasons behind this is the harmony it portrays or brings with itself. The images which are made by achieving a balance between all the evens and odds are the perfect and almost the favorite ones for the viewers.

Features of fractal

Following are the features of fractal art;

  • It is unique and such design form can be hardly seen.
  • One of the amazing thing about fractals is they are infinite i.e. never ending. It is considered infinite in two different senses i.e. both micro and macro. The infinite nature of fractal makes one to see it with a magnifying glass and one can zoom in and zoom out to an unlimited extent because it never seems to end.
  • It is created using the mathematical formulas.
  • The art is diverse in nature which brings in lots of color and light in the drawing.
  • The fractal extends to the outer space as much as possible, it seems that it starts from the centre and then moves outward in every direction in search of a proper end.
  • It can also be termed as a graphical art representation.
  • Different formulas help to know how different pixels are formed and colored.
  • There are various pixels present in the image.
  • It is self similar and the main core region of fractal seems to be similar to each other however they cannot be termed as identical. The parent image of a fractal is the sole image or representative of all the images which are drawn further.
  • While modifying the formulas or by changing the algorithms one can create unique designs which have never been seen by anyone.

Fractals are kind of geometric shape which is similar to the natural objects in the world like leaf, tree or clouds. With the help of fractals we were able to give shape to the irregular components which were earlier left untouched or undersigned. As we all know mathematics allows us to create shapes like square or triangle but with this it is completely impossible to make natural formations which are of irregular shape throughout.

This was all about fractals, however the story about fractals can go and on, because it is a part of nature and we can such fractal images everywhere we turn around. It is present in all the objects of nature thus giving our environment different colors, shapes and looks and making it such a beautiful place to live in. These fractal images can be drawn beyond numbers because of the fact that it belongs to the nature, and any individual who is quite imaginative can make numerous variations within the design and can produce such great images which shall look different and beautiful too just suiting the needs of the users.

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