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35 Funny Photo Manipulations to make you Laugh

There are many funny photos that you may have in your life. These may photos that you really like and that you want to show to the world. You might be wondering where you can share these photos. Photo Manipulation is something more than photo correction which refers to the development of colours, distinction and many features of a photo. It’s altogether about total fresh effects in to the photo. You must have seen photos of singers performing onstage and multi colour laser beams are passing through their bodies and creating a supernatural effect. Or some astounding effects on any poster? These are the examples of what they are. A picture can be manipulated and called a masterpiece. Then why spoil and kill the original. Legitimate editors prefer the bouquets to criticism.

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For manipulating images in such a way that they look real even after retouching requires creativity even though you are numerous sophisticated tools to do so. The most commonly used software for photo editing is Photoshop. Though there numerous other photos editing software available in the market yet Photoshop is considered the best software for restoring old photos. So it is imperative that you should go for accomplished professionals. You can also check some of the great Photo Manipulation effects that will surely surprise you.

How is Photo Manipulation Possible

Though a professional photographer is no longer the only option today, yet, the snaps taken by home cameras and digital cams sometimes need to be brushed up to look perfect.

  • The viewers of the photograph are seemingly deceived after it has been changed.
  • The image resizing powertoy program is another popular choice amongst these techniques.

The Faststone photo resize software is mostly used for photo manipulation by budding photographers who are not yet very well versed with the techniques. The software has very basic tools for image resizing and editing.

There are many funny photos that you may have in your life. These may photos that you really like and that you want to show to the world. You might be wondering where you can share these photos. Using Photoshop you can do lots of creative and fun stuff. You can influence photos like you visualize and can show others what you have in your creative mind. Funny Photo Manipulations are always funny and will make you feel silly, they are always done using the below software:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the leading software for editing pictures, photos, videos and everything else you are imagining of.

Adobe Photoshop Extended

The extended version has extra features like 3D image inventor, restriction motion graphics and higher image analyzer.

  • You can this Photoshop to create both and to edit images.
  • These are photos that you can post that show what someone or something looked like at one time and then what they may look like now.

These are fun to do if you have lost a lot of weight or you had a new haircut. These are also great fun if you want to show off your photo manipulation skills. You can manipulate a photo and then post the before and the after. The hobby to learn photography is quite different from other hobbies. You would start realizing this when you start learning the art of photography. Unlike other arts, the art of photography does not spring from thoughts when you capture an image; instead, the image is one of a real life, and you are required to commemorate it. Now in other field of arts, you can depict your imagination of a perfect world with no faults, but unfortunately, the real world is not perfect, so the real life image cannot be so either.

Funny Photo Manipulations

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Funny Photo Manipulations17

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