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Get Free Hosting for your website on Google has lately come out with its new development which is the free web hosting service. This development has bought Google all over the news, especially amongst its competitors. This is considered as one of the biggest moves of Google and is thus an effective addition to the already rendered services of Google.

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Google has come out as one of the leading search engines which can be used by the users for varied purposes by users. People look out for Google while they are in search of some information.

  • Google is one of the well known search engines amongst the users.
  • This company has goodwill within the market to which consumers trust a lot.
  • This goodwill has given reasons to their competitors of improving their style of working.

Get Free Hosting for your website on Google

Types of Services

Various hosting services are offered by Google which includes the following;

  • Single click page creation: User can get free hosting for your website, and thus create many pages with ease. User has to click once and this may create additional pages.
  • Customizable: Once the pages have been created by users, it can be customized according to their liking at anytime of the day.
  • Templates: Various already made templates are offered by Google. It can be used for creating websites, especially for those who don’t have much time to design a website or template on their own. This template can be published and also be modified later on.
  • Accessing and sharing: By choosing this setting, the users are allowed to access and share information which have been provided on to the website. It is an ideal option for the users who are big organizations and would like to share their information with others. The information can also be accessed by other people visiting such site and hence is quite useful.
  • Trust: Google maintains a strict check on the pages which have been created using this service. It means that a proper check is maintained on creation of pages thereby protecting the users from accessing illegal type of pages. Hence users can have access to the service with free mind and need not have to be worried about the presence of irrelevant pages on the site.

Advantages of using the site

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The free hosting service offered by Google is lot advantageous for both users and companies. Once you get Free hosting for your website you will be eligible to enjoy the below mentioned advantages;

  • The data available and provided on the site is reliable because it is monitored by Google closely.
  • For websites which don’t not have much traffic on them then these sites need not have to spend even a single penny for availing such web hosting services. By availing these services users get 1 GB free storage space for images or HTML and another 1GB bandwidth every day.

Avail the services

While availing services from Google Company I am sure every customer would be happy the way they render their services and also takes care of the need of people. Web hosting allows you to use some space on the web for sharing HTML files or images and once all of it are done; the site is ready for your use. Following steps are taken by Google to provide you these services;

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  • The user has to access and then create a new application. However for users who are using this app for the first time they shall be asked to verify their mobile number before using it.
  • The user then will be asked to name their app but this naming involves two restrictions i.e. the name should be in lower case, must include digits also and should be unique.
  • Users will then download and install two installers one after the other. It is important for the use to maintain the sequence. Like Python and App Engine SDK can be downloaded and installed in the system.
  • The downloaded file will be in zipped format and then the file has to be unzipped. Extract the file on to the desired location. It will contain HTML pages, images which is quite useful for hosting service.
  • Open the file in notepad. Make sure to save these changes made in the notepad file.
  • It is the right time to upload your created website on the Google app engine. The engine launcher can be accessed from the start menu. Press start, choose file and then add existing browser or application to the website. Such file can be chosen from the file extracted from the zipped file.

This free web hosting service is quite useful for the users to create suitable websites and also bring in valid information for the users.



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