Go Out & Grab The Creativity. Its All Yours

Go out & Grab the Creativity

Creative Thinking By: Ayesha

Once my friend told me, i have a new creative project to complete and its very important to me. So i am going to Paris, France to find ideas and creations because i find that place full of creativity and romance all around where i can sit back and relax and can work on my project. But not every one can go to Paris or is it the only place where you can find new ideas and concepts??  Well No 🙂

What exactly is Creativity?

According to Wikipedia: Creativity is a mental process involving the discovery of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the existing ideas or concepts, fueled by the process of either conscious or unconscious insight.


Creativity is a process to bring new things into existence or transformation of one thing into some other new things. Its a mental process of transformation and novation, infect this is a game of time and obtaining comfort which is already in front of us but just like a puzzle which needs to solve and when a human able to solve it, it becomes the creation.

Creativity is not a thing which needs too much search to find, its needs just few minutes to find,few moments to search. Its around us in the form of our nature and surroundings.Just put a bird’s eye view on yours surroundings you will feel it in each and every thing created by ALMIGHTY.

Where to Find It?

Every thing that is around us created by HIM is the complete explanation of CREATIVITY. We THE MORTAL human beings are also one of the creation of the creator.

If we want to find creativity look at the huge trees which teels on us at the height of the long buildings, the beautiful nests of the birds are the examples that a man use to build their homes. Flying of objects are the thought that use to create the huge airplanes. Lets take an example of the sea creations, man made boats and ships like the shape of fishes. All are the examples of creativity which is scattered in our surroundings in the form of nature. Man made nature or predefined nature by the God.

Every GOD gifted thing is the complete master piece in itself. People make paintings that becomes the world famous, and unique are nothing but something is just a copy of nature and natural objects. The world famous portrait of MONALISA which cost was too much was only a phenomena called SMILE that is also around us. All the things around us in raw form are idle but they can transformed in CREATIVITY by just spending few moments and giving them importance.

We are running in the race of life,every body is too much busy in their work. Just for their survival and nobody has time to analyst the world. Why we have need to find creativity? it is inside us, in our souls. We only need to give a chance to the nature. when a person give some time to the nature he can creates the computer like human brain, he can create medicines from herbs, he can creates new specious of animals and plants,each development which are surprising for us are around us.


If any body want to create the master piece simply analyze your surroundings think about your existence,your reality, your likings, disliking, needs, comforts, and see how easy it is to find the creativity and also to create something.

Anatomy of the New Creative Mind

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