Guide to Slide Shows in Web Design

Smart web designs are based on the way how their information is displayed. Well! There are several ways to display particular information but the importance of sliders and slideshows specially jQuery sliders cannot be neglected or ignored. They display your images in a good and organized manner. JQuery Sliders also make up a clean user interface to find and see lastest and useful information at first glance. There are many reasons to include a slider in your blog/website theme. The good part is that these sliders also add to the beauty of your blog/website’s beauty. Slide shows or sliders are getting popular day by day and have become an important element of modern web designs.

Benefits of Using Sliders:

  1. To find latest/favorite news or information, users have to scroll down and make unnecessary cursor movements which results in waste of time. So, sliders save this time by providing top or latest stories at one place. Now the users just have to click and they are redirected to their desired page.
  2. The best use of sliders can be made by enhancing your website’s looks through them. You can find several plugins of different designs and colors now. Just choose the one that suits your theme and there you go.

Areas Where Sliders Are Used:

Now let me mention those areas where sliders can be placed.

1. Corporate Websites:

Most corporate websites do not possess much content. If they have much content, then it will be hard for a person to find the information he needs i.e. about, contact, services, etc. So in order to redirect them to their desired place, slides can be used on the website’s home page.

2. Portfolios:

Showcasing images from a particular project is the best way to use slider for portfolios. Place a slider showing your projects on the home page of your portfolio website. This will make it convenient for the viewers to find your projects quickly in no time.

3. Featured Posts:

There are many sliders which display images as well as information. For blogs, sliders are the best option to display top stories on the top.

Points that Make a Slider Attractive:

For better slideshow usability, here are some ideas that can take your slider experience to a new level:

1. Auto & Manual Both:

If you are a regular internet user and blogger, then you might have noticed that some sliders are automatic and some are manual. But for better usability, some sliders possess both functions. This actually increases the user-friendliness of a slider.

2. Keep it Simple:

The only function of sliders is to display your information in a different and easier way so please does not overdo it. Just keep it simple and never add any extra buttons or a thick border.

3. Right Button Placement:

Buttons play a big role in making the sliders usable. The appearance and placement of buttons also matter. Place them on the bottom of slider or on the sides of the slider.

4. Attractive Transition Effects:

Transition effects decide how your slider displays your information. Try to choose those effects that are attractive and sober. Minimal effects work the best. So try to use only those effects that suit your theme.

5. Good Border:

The border of the slider also plays a big role in displaying information more clearly. Use thin and elegant borders that do not distract images and information from displaying.

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