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40 Beautiful Hair Highlights Ideas To Have This Fall

If you think that only cutting can revamp your style this fall then think again because highlights are something that are getting famous and a lot of women are seen with beautiful highlights. Have a look at some of the most stylish hair highlights you should try this summer. Don’t forget to check out some great examples of highlighted hairstyles at the end.



  1. Blonde Highlights Hairstyle:

Let’s start off with the most basic one. Blonde highlights are ideal for women with dark hair tones such as black or brown. The classic contrast between dark hair and blonde highlights will help you get the perfect beach inspired hair. This highlight is ideal for women who love visiting beaches in the summer.

Highlights 4

  1. Mint Green Highlights:

No this one is for those daring women who like accepting challenges when it comes to fashion. Cool colors like mint green are very popular for summers so have beautiful mint green highlights in your hair for a cool summer inspired look. Make the highlights at the end of your hair for a finished look.

Highlights 7

  1. Pink Highlights Hairstyle:

If you love wearing pink then don’t be shy to wear pink highlights on your hair. Highlights of this color add a cute and feminine feel to your appearance. Go for neon pink if you want to turn heads and make the statement otherwise stick to the cotton candy or baby pink if you do not want to look too loud.

Highlights 15

  1. Blue Highlights Hairstyle:

Blue colored highlights are actually helpful to get youthful and unique looks. If you want to take things a little further then try out highlights in different shades of blue at once and you will surely look dashing and chic.

Highlights 23

  1. Violet And Blue Highlights Hairstyle:

This might sound a little odd but violet and blue colored highlights can actually look amazing if done properly. They key to do it right is to keep it hidden and minimal. It would be amazing if your highlights peek out a little from your hair but not much.

Highlights 26

  1. Rainbow Highlights Hairstyle:

If you can’t really decide which color you should wear then don’t worry as you can have them all at once. Since summer is all about colors so let your hair show it too by going for rainbow colored highlights.

Highlights 28

These are some cute highlight choices you can wear on your hair for a perfect summer dye. Have a look at some of the examples mentioned below.












beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 3

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 2

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 1


beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 30

Highlights 24 beautiful-hair-highlights-ideass 25

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 27

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 29

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 22

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 21

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 20

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 17

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 16

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 14

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 8

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 9

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 10

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 11

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 12

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 13

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 5

beautiful-hair-highlights-ideas 6



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