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50 Half Sleeve Tattoo Design for Men and Women

We all mostly get influenced from other people in our life; try to adapt their culture and standard of living. We try to copy those designs on our self which are not at all necessary. Most of us get confused while selecting a tattoo deign. We should try to choose a design. There are different areas of our body where we can get a tattoo done. Most popular are arms, leg and neck. To have half sleeve tattoos on your arms is one’s own personal decision.


Pre-planned designs of half sleeve tattoos is relatively costly than the existing one.
The complexity of the designs also increases the price of these tattoos.

 Half Sleeve (2)

Half sleeve tattoo design consists of different symbols and designs. Be confident that the design you select is of good quality artwork and should be planned with extensive care. There are various peacock tattoo designs for girls which would suit their body structure and personality.

Half Sleeve Tattoo Design for Men and Women

Tribal Tattoos

Half Sleeve (Tribal Tattoos)

sleeve tattoos Tribal

Tribal sleeve tattoos(5)

Tribal sleeve tattoos(4)

Tribal sleeve tattoos(1)

This kind of tattoo looks good on all age group people whether men or women. These designs are on high demand by people. Tribal designs have an amazing collection of big and well – designed tattoo designs. These designs are quite appreciated by people.

Star Tattoo Designs

Star sleeve tattoos(3)

Star sleeve tattoos(2)

Star sleeve tattoos(1)

Star gives us an exclusive light in the darkness and symbolizes truth. They motivate us to fight against bad things and encourage us to move on a new better path. Star designs tattoos are meaningful for those people who have gone through tough times in their lives.

Angel Tattoos

Angle sleeve tattoos(1)

Angle sleeve tattoos(2)

Angle sleeve tattoos(4)

Angle sleeve tattoos(3)

An angel signifies a faithful relationship with god. These types of tattoos are becoming increasingly popular these days and are depicted as a figure of protection. Angel tattoos are very attractive in looks. These are the most popular tattoo designs for women.

Dragon Tattoo Designs

Tiger sleeve tattoos(2)

Dragon sleeve tattoos(2)

Dragon sleeve tattoos(1)

Dragon sleeve tattoos(1)

These types of tattoos have a strong influence of Chinese and Japanese culture on their designs.

  • Dragons are known well for their bad temper attitude and are unbelievable in looks.
  • These kinds of tattoos are very scary and rare.
  • Fire dragon design tattoo is the most popular among Dragon types.

Sun Tattoo Designs

Sun sleeve tattoos(4)

Sun sleeve tattoos(7)

Sun sleeve tattoos(2)

Sun sleeve tattoos(9)

Sun designed tattoos and symbols are most popular half sleeve tattoo designs for men and women. They represent the symbolic nature of sun in different cultures across the world. The sun tattoos gives us strength, passion, light, knowledge and courage. This is the best tattoo to go with.

Moon Tattoo Designs

Music sleeve tattoos(1)

Moon sleeve tattoos(3)

Moon sleeve tattoos(2)

Moon sleeve tattoos(1)

In different cultures, moon tells us about the philosophical symbolic nature of the moon. Moon designed tattoos look very different and unique. It represents divine powers and purity of different cultures. These tattoos are very famous.

Heart Tattoos

heart sleeve tattoos(5)

Heart sleeve tattoos(4)

Heart sleeve tattoos(3)

Heart sleeve tattoos(2)

Heart sleeve tattoos(1)

We all know that heart is the symbol of love. These designs tattoos are popular among all age people all over the world. People have these kinds of tattoos to show love, affection and care to their loved ones. These feelings are also appreciated on a large scale.

Text Tattoo Designs

Text sleeve tattoos(3)

Text sleeve tattoos(4)

Sun sleeve tattoos(3)

Text sleeve tattoos(2)

Text tattoo designs are very popular among women. The text tattoos can be of religious matter or you can also have a special message for your lover. This is the best way to show your immense love feelings. Text tattoos boost up your confidence and gives you happiness. For powerful designs, try to select your designs wisely.

Musical Tattoos Designs

musicual sleeve tattoos

Music sleeve tattoos(4)

Music sleeve tattoos(5)

Music sleeve tattoos(8)

Music sleeve tattoos(6)

Music plays a very important role in our life. It gives us relaxation and also makes us happy.

  • People who are fond of music and are attached with musical instruments choose these types of tattoos.
  • These designs can be of musical alphabets, guitar, piano or violin.
  • They have strong influence on other person’s mind.

Tiger Tattoos Designs

Flora sleeve tattoos(2)

Tiger sleeve tattoos(1)

Tiger sleeve tattoos(4)

Tiger sleeve tattoos(3)

Tiger is popularly known as the national animal and have a large history in different cultures myths and mythology. These kinds of tattoos look   powerful. Tiger Tattoos are known for power, passion, speed and beauty and personality while there are quite many eagle tattoo designs for boys as well. Large number of people selects these types of tattoos.

Floral Tattoo Designs

Flora sleeve tattoos(6)

Flora sleeve tattoos(3)

Flora sleeve tattoos(9)

Half Sleeve tattoo(3)

Flowers are loved by all and different flower have different meaning according to their various types. They are suitable for every body type. Different color designs make them look more alive and stunning.Some times Fans love them and sometime it effect there popularity and the biggest example infront of us is BIG ROSE Tattoo design by Cheryl Cole, Spend £10k to get inked and even more to get removal.

Tree Tattoo Designs

Tree sleeve tattoos(2)

Flora sleeve tattoos(5)

Tree sleeve tattoos(1)

These tattoo designs look more real and natural on body than just pictures. They tell us about connection between the nature and human being.

Half Sleevetattoo (1)

Half Sleeve tattoo(5)

It can be rightly said that tattoos look outstanding, exotic and have become fashion statement for most of the people. They reflect your personality and leaves a long – lasting impression on others mind. Half sleeve tattoo designs for men and women are more conservative than full – sleeve tattoos.

Half Sleeve tattoo(4)

Text (1)

Most of the people love to have half sleeve tattoo designs because they are easy to cover – up when you are at work place and these tattoos are not acceptable.



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