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Have a look at these 10 mesmerizingly best housing designs of 2015

Recently a number of beautiful looking luxurious residential apartments and flats are coming up, but still today also people wish to have their own house built in their own way. There are a number of people around the world who are residing in some of the most amazing looking houses. Every year the American Institute of Architects or AIA selects and ranks the most amazing looking and beautiful housing designs. This year also they are ready with the 10 best housing designs of 2015.


Studhorse Outlook. Methow Valley, Winthrop, Washington. Client: Olson Kundig Architects. © Copyright 2012 Benjamin Benschneider All Rights Reserved. Usage may be arranged by contacting Benjamin Benschneider Photography. Email: or phone: 206-789-5973.

This amazing house is a master piece project of the Olson Kundig Architects and is situated at Winthrop, Washington. The house has been designed on a concept of multiple elements surrounding a central courtyard. The building has been constricted in a way so that the people residing inside can have a view of the outer beauty from all parts of the interior.

Bridge House

South Kent House, Location: South Kent CT, Architect: Joeb Moore + Partners Architects

The Bridge House is located in Kent, Connecticut and has been constructed by the Joeb Moore Partners Architects in the year of 2011. The place where this designer building is located is house to many falls and bridges. The architects of the house have provided it such a concept that the interiors are interlocked with each other in the form of a bridge.

Marlboro Music: Five Cottages


Marlboro Music is the most famous music festival of Marlboro in Vermont, Us during the summer seasons. Since the year of 1951, every year different music lovers arrive here to learn music in these few days. The five cottages of Marlboro Music are mainly for the senior musicians. Situated in the campus of Marlboro college campus in the foothills of Vermont green mountains, the five cottages are constructed by HGA Architects and Engineers in the year 2014.

Old Brior


This magnificent house is owned by an architectural family who were away from their land since last 25 years but now have come back to settle here. The house is constructed and designed by fours architecture professors of University of Tennessee. The house has been offered the designs of a barn and a farmhouse supported by a number of facilities.

Bayview Hills Garden


David Baker Architects offers an amazing housing design that is now a place of housing for many families in San Francisco, California. The main highlight of the housing is a community at the heart and also a number of facilities that is worth admiring

Broadway Affordable Housing


Broadway Affordable Housing is mainly based on the concept that people can get housing at an affordable price. This particular housing is counted in this list because it is not only affordable but also it is also perfect as per the environment. The eco-friendly housing is located at Santa Monica, California and is constructed by Kevin Daly Architect.

The North Parker


SD Lofts is known to be building some of California’s most premier urban housings. The North Parker is also one of the masterpieces of SD Lofts. It is situated at San Diego in California

160 Massachusetts Avenue Tower


160 Massachusetts Avenue Tower is the owned by Berklee College of Music. The tower situated in Boston of Massachusetts is designed by Walters-Storyk Design Group.

John C. Anderson Apartments (JCAA)


John C. Anderson Apartments are one of the most luxurious apartment groups of Pennsylvania. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the apartments are worth a master piece combined with some of the most innovative modern facilities.

La Casa Permanent Supportive Housing


The last masterpiece that made place in this list is La Casa Permanent Supportive Housing. Located in Washington, D.C, United States, the housing has been developed and designed by Studio twenty Seven Architecture and Leo A Daly.

It should be noted that all these housing designs are listed only on basis of their looks but also their purpose and amenities.



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