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How to Style a High Low Skirt outfits

If you are never comfortable with a single type of skirt and you want something that covers everything in a single piece, then your first option should be to go for high low skirts. They are considered as the hybrid of midi, maxi and miniskirts. This skirt is also known as mullet skirt because it resembles to the popular mullet haircut from the past. Get along with some of the stylish tips to wear high low skirts.

Simple Yet Chic:

If you are a little scared to wear this tricky bottom for the first time, then play safe by wearing it with a simple top. You can never go wrong with a simple t-shirt or top paired with a high low skirt. it can be a perfect outfit for the streets or casual parties.

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If you want to add a touch of glamour and detail to your looks, then pick a high low skirt in prints or patterns. Stick to the floral prints for summers as they make you look cheerful and youthful.

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Fancy ones:

If you are going to attend an event where casual dressing won’t be a good idea, then swap your simple high low skirts with fancy ones. There are a lot of stylish options when it comes to high low skirts, such as the fluffy skirts or ruffled skirts. These are perfect to give your waist a defined shape and highlight your curves. Ruffled skirts in high low style are also helpful in giving you a dramatic and unique look.

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Casual Chic:

If you want to take your street style to the next level, then I suggest you pair your high low skirt with your favorite crop top. This look is a blend of cuteness, edginess and sexiness that will definitely turn heads. This is a classic option for women who are not into showing too much of skin on the streets but still want to look sexy.

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Safer Choice:

If you still think that high low skirts are not your thing but you just can’t ignore the classic cut of high low skirt, then take the easy way and wear high low dress. They are cute and elegant and can be worn anywhere you want. Pair your high low dress with classic heels and you are good to go.

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These are some chic ways to wear high low skirts, keep on scrolling for some of the classic examples of high low skirts mentioned below.

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