20 High Resolution Fabric Texture Designs

Textures play a useful role in web and graphic design projects. All designers they love texture and use them occasionally in there design creations as background images or somewhere else as per design requirements to inspire viewers and visitors. The high resolution textures give an appealing look to the website.  In this article we are going to share some high resolution fabric texture designs for designers, these all textures are HQ and taken from Mayang’s Textures. Have a look below and grab there high quality fabric textures for your next design

creased silk

blue silk

Furry Material

Shirt Material

Creased Fabric

Fine Fabric

Coarse Cloth

Fine Pattern Fabric

Orange Silky Material

Denim Fabric

Fine Material

Furry Fabric

Bumpy Repeatign Fabric

Cloth Hooks

Black Lined Material

Denim Cloth

Coloured Denim

Thin Sweater Material

Carpet Material

Sacking See Through


Written by Ahsan.Saeed

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