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How to Customize Your Design Business for a Specific Locality

With the growing competition in design industry, standing out from the crowd is indeed a difficult thing to do. When clients have so many options to select from, you might have a problem in getting enough work to pay your bills. If you are facing difficulties in finding work, you should probably opt for localizing your design business as it can be fruitful for you. There are a lot of good reasons to localize your business and benefit from it. If you will localize the business, you will not have a huge crowd of designers to compete with and you will be able to target your audience in a better way. Also, due to reliability issues, clients prefer to work with a designer who is nearby. Apart from all this, networking can get really easy for you once you localize your business.

If you are able to run the business successfully without localizing it, you do not have to work on it however; a lot of designers who were facing difficulty in earning good enough have opted for localizing their business and are also successful now. In this article we will be discussing some good ways to localize business and this will help struggling designers. Following are a few ways through which you can successfully localize your business and get enough clients:

Short-listing Keywords

Localizing has a lot to do with the selection of keywords. In order to optimize your website locally, you will have to shortlist a few keywords which will help in localization. For this, you need to do some good research on the local target audience so that you can understand their mindset and decide keywords accordingly.

Researching for keywords is no longer a big deal as there are a lot of tools available on internet. You might have to pay for some and some are absolutely free. You do not have to work hard on finding tools as for starters, they can simply use Google AdWords Keywords Tool and this can help them a lot.

You simply need to think of a few keywords that you think people might use to do their search and then you can compare those keywords with the result of Google AdWord. While you are working on this, make sure you select the correct check boxes during search. The results shown will help you a lot in finalizing the keywords. Correct selection of keywords can do wonders for you.

Page Optimization

Once you have finalized the keywords, the next step would be optimization of your website accordingly. Make sure the text of your website contains those keywords for better ranking in search engines. Page titles are considered to be very important so whatever keywords you have selected, do use them in your page titles and different headlines. Using keywords is important but make sure you do not overdo it. Keep it natural and the sentences should make sense as well. Titles, headlines should consist the keywords but in an appropriate way.

Text of Your Website Link

The text on your website page is important but on the other hand the links attached to those pages is also very important and you should build your website page links with appropriate text. If you want to improve your ranking in search engines, try to use your targeted keywords in your links and the ranking will definitely improve.  As mentioned earlier, you do not have to overdo it. It should make sense and look natural to visitors. Use keywords in a way that thee actually appear to be the demand of the text or link.

Contact Information

Your website should always have your contact information for many reasons. Anyone who is visiting your website will check your address and phone number to confirm your locality. If someone is looking for a local designer, you are making things easier for them by providing contact information on your website.  Also, your contact information will help search engines in determining your locality and they will show your website more in local search results.

Pay-per-click Ad Campaigns

Well going for PPC campaigns totally depends on your budget but if you can manage to run this campaign, you should definitely go for it. If you do it the right way, your ads will be shown only in local area hence making you visible to the local audience. This is a great way to advertise and spend your money in the right manner. Another benefit of PPC is that they can be turned on and off anytime you want. You can run the campaign when you are looking for clients and once you find enough clients and need some time off, you can stop the campaign for some time. This is applicable for those designers with small budgets so you can advertise without having to spend a fortune.

Local Professional Networking

Online networking has its own significance and that too for designers who are spending most of their time online. However, we cannot deny the importance of offline networking. Locally, you should attend the relevant conferences that are being held and this can be a great opportunity for you to meet other professionals. You might end up finding a lot of clients for yourself in such conferences. Impact of face to face meeting is always bigger in comparison to online meeting.

Seminars and Local Organizations

Conducting local seminars is another great way of attracting your local target audience. Take out some time and work on conducting a seminar. This will bring in a lot of new opportunities your way. Make sure you talk on something that you are fully aware of, and is interesting as well.

You should offer your services to local organizations as well. It will attract a lot of other local clients and if they like your work, you can definitely win some good referrals.

Localize Your Portfolio

If you have worked with some good local clients, do mention them in your portfolio. A potential client will trust you more once he sees some good local organizations in your portfolio. This will prove you to be a reliable designer as other local organizations have trusted you with their work.


Showcase your testimonials from local clients. This will encourage other local organizations to get in touch with you and hire you for their work. This automatically develops an amount of trust so they will contact you happily.


There are numerous ways to localize your design business and that too without much of a hassle. The above mentioned points can really help you in establishing your design business locally.



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