How to Design the Business Logo? A Perfect Receipe Infographics

Logos look pretty easy to design. After all, they’re just a company’s name, a symbol, and maybe a pop of color for visual interest. But any good designer knows that a logo is more than just a pretty symbol. It’s the first impression a business will make on its clients, the face of a brand.

Most people can read basic facial expressions—even toddlers know the difference between a frown and a smile. As we get older, we pick up the ability to read more nuanced expressions. We can tell a genuine smile apart from a sarcastic smirk. We have a pretty good idea of whether someone is frowning because they’re worried, angry, or confused.

Just like people read each other’s faces, consumers “read” logos. An appealing logo design creates a “warm” facial expression for a company. It’s inviting. But a bad design makes customers feel unwelcome or sends them no information about the company at all.

Unless a client has design skills, which is unlikely, they may not be able to tell you why a particular logo looks off. But they will definitely let you know if a logo design is unappealing. Consumers notice everything—outdated fonts, wrong color choices, non-user-friendly app interfaces. And any of those things could make a potential client say, “No, thanks.”

As a designer, your job is to help a company make a great first impression by creating an appealing logo. But you’ll need more than just creativity and good luck—you’ll need all of the key ingredients in this infographic.




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