How to Make Call-to-Action Web Banner Advertisements

Online banners are a great way to advertise your website and increase the number of visitors of your website. These days’ online banners have gained a lot of popularity because advertising through online banners is more effective and less complicated in comparison to print media and advertising. If you plan to advertise online via banners, you need to make sure that you do everything right in order to achieve the purpose advertising online. If your banner is not attractive enough, people will simply ignore the banner so you need to work hard to make your banner more click-able and likeable.

Following are a few ways you can follow in order to make your online banners more click-able:

Be Careful with Color Selection

Your selection of colors will definitely play a very important role in getting your online banner noticed. The best way is use contrasting colors. Always remember, your banner needs to stand out on the website so make sure that you do not use the same colors as of the website you are going to advertise on. This way, the website and banner will merge in a way and your banner’s presence will fade away. Obviously, you do not have to use crazy color combinations but a good contrast of colors will do. It will make your banner look prominent.

Do keep in mind that your banner should not mix up with the website. If people are not noticing your banner, there is no point of having it on a website. If no one is noticing, no one will click and the banner would not be serving its purpose.

Your Banner Should be the First Thing to Load

When a person is visiting a website, he does not wait for an entire page to load in order to browse the website. He will simply start scrolling down to check the website. You need to keep the size of the banner small so that your banner loads before a user decides to scroll down. No one will wait for banner to load and then click on it. Once a user scrolls down, chances are high that he might never notice your banner again.

So, you need to be very careful with the size of the banner as it should be small to load easily and quickly. If you won’t keep this thing in mind, you will lose out on a lot of your possible visitors.

Give People a Reason to Click

A nice layout and good color combinations are enough to catch user’s attention however; you need to give them a reason to click on your banner. Your banner should be self explanatory. Obviously, you cannot put a lot of details in a small banner but do give your possible visitors a rough idea about your product so they know where they will land up by clicking on your banner link. You simply need to include a call to action for instance, you can write ‘Click to learn more’ OR ‘Find Out More’ so that people can click on the link to fulfill their curiosity.

Your banner should be clear enough to convey a general idea about your product and if interests the visitor, he can click on the banner to learn more about the product.

Animation is a Great Way to Capture Attention

Nice flashy videos or animations are a great way to capture people’s attention. I have seen a lot of banners with subtle imagination and not only the look great, they enforce a visitor to click on them to see more. However, you should keep in mind that these flash and animation might increase the size of your file so you do not have to go over board with animations. Keep things simple and to the point and a little bit of animation won’t do you any harm but make sure it is a little bit and not too much.

Clear and to-the-point Message

Do not confuse people and do not make them go round and round in circles. Online banners do not get a lot of space so you have to convey your message in a small box. In order to do this, you need to be very clear and accurate about the message you want to convey. Your message should be short and self explanatory.

Through that small box, you will have to tell people about the advantages of your product and why they should go for it. If you are selling a product or if you have an informative website, give them a reason to click on the banner by being true and exact in your banner message.

Your Banner Should Not Come Across as a Plain Picture

I have often seen a lot of good banners designed in a way that they look like a plain picture and at times they leave the visitor confused if the are click-able or not. You need to make it obvious that your banner is click-able and it will redirect visitors to a link.

Creating an obviously button will help a lot of visitors in distinguishing your banner from a display picture. You will definitely get to see a good improvement in stats of visitors if you will provide them with a proper click-able banner.

Tracking the Stats

As a designer, you need to evaluate your performance as well and this can be done by evaluating stats of your banner. Also, it is a great way to understand which ways work more in your banner so that you can utilize them in the future as well. Stats are a great way to improve your work so one should always track them to see what works and what does not works for them.

Use Reverse Psychology

In a lot of cases, using reverse psychology works for sure. You can use the same for your online banner to increase the number of clicks. If you will mention ‘Do not click’ on your banner, people will click on it for sure and out of curiosity. Now this does not mean that you should not display the rest of stuff properly and use reverse psychology in a way that it suits your product.

Use Attractive Words

As said earlier, you need to catch the attention of the people and other than making a good looking banner; you need to use attractive words and catchy phrases as well. You can always use, free, discount, win etc. These words are a great way to attract a certain kind of target audience and you will definitely see a good increase in the number of clicks on your website.

Advertising a Free Offer

We all love free stuff and all you need to do is offer something for free. For instance, you can have a free offer of any sort on your banner ad and people will definitely click on your banner to learn more about it. You need to attract every kind of audience and this way you would be attracting freebie audience. If they like your offer, they will sign up or read for more via clicking on your banner ad.


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