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How to make your camera battery last longer

camera battery tips

Digital cameras today use large screen sizes with multiple modes and features along such as review photos and videos on cameras screen. Therefore, camera will running out of battery really fast and also gradually reduces battery life. Here are 3 tips that can help you effectively use and improve the life of your camera battery.

1. Adjusting the LCD screen

camera battery tips

In digital cameras, the LCD display consumes the most energy. By adjusting the brightness of the screen in the setting of cameras, you can significantly reduce the need to use battery power. When the battery is low, reducing the brightness of the screen is the best way to maintain battery power when needed.However, reducing the brightness may affect the ability to view the screen under sunlight. Just use your hands to create a shade for the screen so you can see the picture more clearly.

2. Use energy-saving mode of the camera appropriately

camera battery tips

Most camera has temporarily deactivated when not in use function to save battery power. First, go to the camera’s menu options and set the appropriate time for camera to go into sleep state. In addition, this feature allows the camera is always ready to work when you need to take pictures at any time. In some models of Sony, energy save mode consume energy less than turn camera on and off continuously. Therefore, use this feature to ensure the most efficient use of the camera battery when needed.

3. Tips for using camera battery

camera battery tips

Reasonable battery use is also the best way to maintain the best performance of your camera. Using batteries improperly can cause an adverse effect on battery after a period of use. Therefore, to avoid fall into these situations you should pay attention to the following:

  • Do not charge your battery when it is relatively full. If you do that so many times the battery will be damaged and provide unstable sources.
  • When not using your machine for a long time, remove the batteries from the camera and avoid dropping the battery, because it can be easy to change polarity.
  • In addition, batteries lose energy faster in low-temperature environments, so when used in cold weather, you should leave the camera in your jacket pocket, body temperature at this time is best to keep battery power.




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