How to Promote Yourself as a Graphic Designer

Becoming a freelancer might be an easy thing however, surviving as a freelance graphic designer is definitely a hard task. At times, you might think that you are a great designer but you are just not getting what you really want or what you surely deserve. In order for a freelancer to survive, you need to get the right kind of business and projects or else you won’t be able to pay your bills. If you are not getting enough work, have you taken time out to think what is going wrong and where?

If you want to get projects, you need to reach out to people through proper channel of advertising and marketing yourself. Now, when we are talking about marketing, you need to press all the right buttons at the right time. If you will not, even the most perfect marketing strategy won’t work for you. Following are a few things that you really need to focus on to become a better self marketing graphic designer.

Business Cards

I have seen a lot of people giving the very first suggestion to freelancer to get their business collaterals published. This is definitely a good way of reaching out to your clients but if you decide to get your business cards published, you need to do it the right way. Always keep in mind that as a graphic designer, people expect a lot of creativity out of you and everything done by you should be an example of your creative work. Same goes for your card as you cannot get a simple card printed with the heading of Graphic Designer.

Business cards are not only a great way to give people your contact information but it is indeed a great way to show people your creativity. You should design your business cards in a way that they become a true representation of that fact that you are a graphic designer.  You can actually impress people with a small business card because a nice business card will show them what you are capable of. Make sure that you design the business cards in a way that they represent your specialty. It could be sophistication, funky or anything else that differentiates you from others.

Reaching out to People via Email

We all know and agree with the fact that making new friends is a hard thing and keeping old ones is a lot easier. Same goes for business because in business maintain a healthy relationship with clients is easy and making new clients is a little difficult. If you decide to market yourself it does not meant that you should try and gain attention of new clients. You should give some importance to old clients as well and keeping in touch with your clients on weekly or monthly basis is not that hard these days.

The best way to stay in touch with the clients is to send them a weekly or a monthly newsletter. If they will receive newsletters from you on weekly basis, you will stay in their minds. This way if anything new comes up, they will instantly think of you. Your newsletter should be informative and it should not look self obsessed. It should be a good reflection of your work but it should not contain loads and loads of good things about you. Let your work and knowledge speak for itself.

You can include testimonials in the newsletter from your clients. So, make sure you work on sending out an informative newsletter every week so that you can stay in touch with your clients and let people know how creative you are.

Blogging, Social Networking Websites

We all know how important an online presence is for a Graphic designer. This is the best way to reach out to the people as everyone is on internet these days. Having a website is not enough because you are never sure if it is being viewed or not. Also, if you only have a website people might not be able to keep themselves updated via website so in that case, having a blog or a fan page at social networking website is a great idea.

The best thing about these social networking websites is that they make sharing way too easy. With the help of famous website such as facebook and twitter you can always stay connected to your fans and clients. We all know that anyone who has an account on these websites will visit them at least once a day so isn’t it a best way to post about your work and any new developments. You would be reaching out to a large number of audiences and that too very easily.

Understanding the Importance of Networking

Yes, it is quite easy to stay connected with everyone through internet but nothing online presence cannot replace physical presence. At times, online posts and emails can get ignored very easily. When you meet someone in person, you can impress that client with your very first impression. Now, networking does not mean that you should be attending every conference related to graphic designing Networking should also be done in a proper way because trading business cards is not going to work for you effectively.

If you are networking, you need to keep a few things in mind. You should not sound desperate for work. In fact, you should look very calm and composed. Also, you should appear friendly and easy to go with. Remember whatever you are talking in such gatherings is making an impression of you and you need to sell yourself here so be very careful with selection of words and topic to discuss.

While networking, people will definitely take a notice of what you are wearing as appearance matters a lot. No matter how casual you are, when you are attending an event, be sure to dress up properly for the event.

Self-Marketing in a Proper Way

It does not matter how good a product is if it is not advertised properly. A lot of good movies simply fail at box office because they had a poor marketing campaign. Before you go out in the market, you should have a brain storming session to understand the proper ways of self marketing. If you are not going to do it properly, it does not matter how talented you are because chances are high that your talent will go unnoticed.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have an idea of what to do when it comes to self marketing, you need to go out there and start networking in every possible way.  Design your business cards and get them printed so you do not miss out on a good client just because he was unable to note down your contact details. Get active on social networking websites and have your own blog to keep your clients updated on what you have been up to. Always remember, out of sight, out of mind so the strategy to follow here is to not to go out of sight. Always stay in touch with your clients even if you are no longer working with them. You never know when they could come up wit a new project. So, advertise yourself and do it properly.

Written by lava360

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