Importance of Responsive Web Designs for Mobile

With the rise of mobile and tablet web, it has now become a necessary and trend to design responsive websites for mobile phones devices which change and adjust themselved with device secreen size and resolution. This is an important practice and is considered very profitable for businesses. Millions of people use internet on their smartphone so that importance of mobile web design could not be neglected.

Designing a website for mobile phone is completely different from designing websites for large resolutions. Smartphones do not come with large screens so to fit your websites fully into its size, you definitely need to use other ways. Latest techniques, standards and trends have been introduced for mobile design to make its experience as user-friendly as possible.

In this post we will be talking about the importance of web design and about those components that make a mobile design user friendly.

Why is Web Design Necessary for Mobiles?

Recent surveys suggest that people belonging to developed countries and those who have their own businesses use mobile internet more often. So, in order to reach more audiences and fulfill their needs, more flexible and compatible designs should be made for mobile smart phones. This will get website owners more benefits and they can reach their customers no matter where their customers are.

Important Elements of Mobile Design

Screen Resolution:

When designing for smart phones, you need to keep this element in your mind. It is due to the reason that various smart phones are getting released per year with different screen resolutions. Designing for these resolutions is pretty challenging. But to overcome this, the concept of responsive web designs has been introduced. So, when designing a website for your business, make sure it has responsive features.

CSS Styles for Mobile:

Designing different and new CSS sheets for your mobile website increases its usability and helps in customizing the site in a better way.


Typography is the most important element of a web design as it can make or break your design. The fact is that most of the designers love to do typography and hence it is the most practiced element in web design. Now talking about type faces in mobile web design, make sure your selected typefaces are conveying the message effectively. Every font does not work for small resolutions and you have a small variety to choose from.

Typefaces have the capability to convey your website’s emotions and deliver your message directly. Remember, choose only those fonts that are mobile friendly and are perfect for small screens. These fonts include Verdana, Trebuchet MS, Georgia, Times New Roman, Courier and Arial.


Do you know that optimizing images for small resolutions is really necessary when it comes to mobile web design? Yes and to make your web pages load quickly on smart phones, you need to compress them or use other ways to make them load quickly.

Slow browsing annoys everyone and the fact is that your images play a very important role in the loading time of your website. So, when designing for mobile phone make sure you don’t forget to compress images.

Hence, it is concluded that mobile web design is really important for your business or your blog and it can make or break your traffic calculation.



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