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Top 25 Inspirational Book Cover Designs: Must See!

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Reading books is the hobby of many people. There are so many authors or writers all around the world who publish their books on a regular basis. Every author wants to be a best-seller, but it is not an easy task for any author. A good author always designs the cover of the book in such a way that the people buy his/her book by seeing only the book cover design. Book cover designs matters a lot and they know the importance & power of the book cover designs. Therefore, they give enough preference in designing the cover of the book. These days, you can easily find a wide collection of book cover designs. Inspirational book cover designs are one of them and so many authors also prefer this design instead of some other book cover designs. These types of book cover designs are also the favorite choice of readers.

Inspirational Book Cover Design Tips

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It is very much essential for an author to keep an eye on the design of the cover of the book before publishing. It increases the sale of his/her book. If you want to give the best book cover design for your book, then you have to follow the major tips related to the book cover designs. These tips are as follows

(i) Generate Excitement

The cover of the book should be exciting, so that it helps in generating excitement in the reader’s mind. You have to create a book cover design which evokes interest in the people to read your book. Pros

  • It increases the sale of your book.
  • People take an interest in your book by only seeing the cover design of your book.

(ii) Must be Creative

The cover of the book is one of the best ways to grab the attention of readers towards your book. Your book cover design should be unique and creative so that the readers start thinking off the track. Pros

  • It helps in grabbing the attention of people.
  • It helps in promoting your book in a better way.

(iii) The Book’s Genre is Important

Always design the cover of your book in such a way that it should show the genre of your book. A great book cover design always talks to its readers. They can easily choose the book according to their choices of imagery, typography and metaphor if and only if the book’s genre is mentioned on the cover of the book. Pros

  • It helps the readers to choose their favourite books easily.
  • One can easily understand the type of book.

(iv) Use Images

It is also one of the important tips of inspirational book cover designs. You can use images which help in portraying the theme of the book. The readers can visually imagine your words with these images. Pros

  • It gives a bespoke design to your book cover.
  • It helps in describing the message you want to give your readers with your book.

Features of Inspirational Book Cover Designs

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1. Minimalism

These types of styles are very much in trend these days. It is the timeless style of giving a unique title with author’s name on the cover of the book. This style proves the line that says “Less is more”.

2. Simple but Concise

It is the other main feature of inspirational book cover designs. You can give such type of titles which clearly gives the complete information about your book. This type of style gives a brief but comprehensive design to the cover of your book.

3. Inspires Readers

Inspirational book cover designs also give a lot inspiration to the readers about their life and other things as well. The readers also inspire from your book cover design to read your book.

Things to Remember

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It is also very much necessary for an author to remember some points that will create a negative impact on the reader’s mind. You have to avoid bad cover designs. Here we are giving some points that will surely help you to give a perfect book cover design to your book.

  • Avoid trashy book cover designs. These types of designs are a meme in itself.
  • Never use stock imagery for the cover of your books. It will destroy the visual credibility of your book. Therefore, always use stock images carefully.
  • The fonts used to give the title of the book should be genuine and attractive. Always choose the font style according to the theme of the book.
  • Color combination of the cover design of book should be proper. Never use flashy or dark colors for book cover designs.

Benefits of Inspirational Book Cover Designs

  • It will increase the sale of your books.
  • You can promote your book all over the world in a better way.
  • It helps in attracting a lot of readers towards your book.
  • It gives a nice impression on the reader’s mind.

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