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Inspiring Creative Social Digital Illustrations

Myth about illustrators they live in imagnary world or wake up after some weird dreams and start sketching… that’s gotta be the reason for seeing so much creative illustrations so often and portray of society by them in strange and beautiful way to convery simple message. From exploring the pleasures of being a boy or a man to a simple childhood memory to youth, each artist embodies this message in its own unique way and choice of medium.

The collection of renderings selected in this episode of  Inspirational articles, Me & Society Around me: Creative Social Digital illustrations is sure to inspire your in different aspects of life and society and for me always society is biggest source of inspiration.

Me & Society Around me: Digital Illustrations

This post showcases different styles, different ideas, different approaches to the illustration of society and life. Some examples are very funny, the other ones are very sad. Hopefully, every reader will find something new and interesting for himself / herself.

Moscow Walk


My Work Place

Modern Bijinga

Ophiuchus the new zodiac sign

Men Made of Butter

Artist of Future

Spam Lottery Winner

Snow Board Vs Skie

Sleeping Giant Sheppard

Blind Men and the Elephant

Public Library

China Town

Economy Class

Entry for the Tzeh

Tricky Food


Men’s Fears

All in small

DNA ID Cards

Photo Cliche


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