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Interior design Ideas at its best – 30 Sweet Dream Home Examples

Sweet dream home is everybody’s wish,  to achieve this they work hard whole life. Today we have showcased Dream home decor examples for your inspiration and  how-to decor your dream house with stunning architecture and incredible interior and exterior design styles and furniture designs. I hope you will find something interesting for home decor, as they are simple but elegant and luxurious or I must say Interior design at its best and cheap to achieve. Which you always admired in interior design magazines. Enjoy inspiring home decor article on web


Cool Interior Design idea 1.10

Minimalism what can I say). The customer wanted a lot of light, air and the interior of lightness. As a result, all the rooms of the first floor were organized into a coherent whole area around the flight of stairs.

Despite a certain conservatism in attitudes, customers were quite emotional people so enthusiastically rejoiced interior color solutions, hence the association of interior with a touch of emotion)

Cool Interior Design idea 1.11

Cool Interior Design idea minimal studio flat-1.13

Cool Interior Design idea minimal study room-1.14

Cool Interior Design idea with accessories 1.10

Cool Interior Design idea perfect room and colors 1.10

Minimal Interior

Cool Interior Design idea minimal interior decor1.10

single-family apartment

This single-family apartment for four people is situated in a stately building in southern Amsterdam, NL. The original structure, with rooms for staff, a double hall and long hallways with lots of doors has been transformed into a spacious,transparent dwelling full of light and air.

A kitchen in combination with cabinets from floor to ceiling has laser-cut front panels, all spray painted white. This pattern results in a dynamic mixture of open and closed cabinets, the holes also function as integrated hand grips. The transparency of the object’s skin gives depth to the volume which is complimented by furniture like the Grcic chairone. An atrium with open staircases brings natural light from a large roof light into the living area.
Along the open staircase a wall of two stories high is covered with clear pine wood, and connects the two levels. Upstairs the master bedroom is situated next to a large bathroom with a finish of structured tiles from Patricia Urquola, glass,and wooden cabinets.

Cool Interior Design idea single family apartment 1.10

Minimal Saloon Interior Decor “Little Paris”

Small but very popular beauty salon “Little Paris” exists in the market of Krivoy Rog for over 15 years. During this time, the interior design had become obsolete and lose relevance.

Undoubtedly, the idea of ​​making a new interior dictated salon called “Little Paris”. It is for this reason that the entrance area, reception and waiting area turned into a cozy and picturesque streets of the “city of love”.

The main task was the interior: visually add space and ease of the interior. Additional space (redevelopment was carried out in 1997), which could be placed in the reception area, “ate” almost all the space of the entrance area.

The solution to this problem was the placement of the mirrors on the protruding parts of the walls and ceiling beams, crushing space from above, as well as promising street panels on the side walls.

Cool Interior Design idea minimal beauty saloon decor1.10

Gorgeous Classic House Interior

Wishes of the customer: The interior of the house should be strictly in the classical style with its characteristic classic style elements in the form of pilasters, columns, caissons and stucco decoration. One of the main objectives of the project to make the interior of the actual, historical, but without the “vulgarity”.

Cool Interior Design idea gorgeous house staircase1.10

Decisions on planning carried out in parallel with the implementation of the architectural project. At this stage, living almost doubled and teamed with a lounge, a dining room – winter garden. As a result, in the space of the first floor has turned a lot of air and light, which fully satisfy the wishes of the customer.

Cool Interior Design idea gorgeous bathroom1.11

This is two-storied house with a mansard. The first floor and a mansard were designed by the architect Anatoliy Bilonoga. The second floor consist of two bedrooms, bathroom and the stairs (at the pictures below) were designed by Kateryna Chybizova.

Cool Interior Design idea gorgeous house master bedroom1.10

Customer’s needs: The interior should be performed in Classic style that is characterized by the decoration as follows: piers, columns, coffers and stucco moldings. The main task of the project is to made the actual historical interior. The planning solutions were provided during the construction of the house

Cool Interior Design idea bedroom1.10

Tybee Beach House

Cool Interior Design idea Tybee Beach House1.2

Cool Interior Design idea Tybee Beach House1.11

Cool Interior Design ideaTybee Beach House1.3


The building reflects the typical structure of the Italian farmhouses, with stables on the ground floor and a huge barn just beneath the roof. The first step of the project was to think of a new destination fot this wide open space to ensure the building’s ability to provide comfort and warmth for its inhabitants. Thus the barn has become the heart of the family everyday life, keeping its original structure as well as the rustic feel of the barn itself.

Cool Interior Design ideaPODERE IMPERO 2.0
A contemporary crystal mezzanine was designed, in the middle of the barn, to exploit spaces at their best, by creating a separate children play room. An intense palette of bold colours and a relaxed approach to space and style were the axes of the interior design, both for the living area and for the floor dedicated to rest and intimacy, connected to the main room by a curious crystal cube overlooking the living room and the children suspended area.

3×3 Box House

Cool Interior Design idea 3x3 box house idea 1.0

Cool Interior Design idea 3x3 box house idea 1.10

Living Room Idea

Cool Interior Design idea livingroom idea 1.0

Cool Interior Design idea House in Highgate

House in Highgate

Bali Style Villa in Moscow

Beautiful design, love the way you used different materials and contrast of dark and light tones, all in harmony.

cool interior design idea bali style villa

cool interior design idea bali style villa lounge

Arabian Style Interior Decor

Visualization with the interior apartments, made in Arabic style. In addition, it emphasizes the historical style worthy of the status of the client, it provides an opportunity to create a unique, luxurious, rich interior, which will also be relevant not only yesterday or today, but centuries later

Cool Interior Design idea arabian style iterior 1.10

Cool Interior Design idea arabian style iterior 1.11

Cool Interior Design idea arabian style iterior 1.12

Cool Interior Design idea arabian style iterior 1.13



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