jQuery Image Sliders: The Most common Trend in WordPress Sites

I was looking at a 10 minute online animated movie on YouTube; my 5 year old son came to me and asked wow how they do these magical things. It was then when I thought to know about the technology behind such piece of art. I gathered many Image sliders for my kids and took them on a magical journey which they enjoyed thoroughly.

Once they left for their schools next day, I thought to dig the technology behind it and then I found the amazing work we watched was actually a jQuery Image slider. For those who know little about it; it is free open source JavaScript library and it was released in 2006. It is a small but fast and multi browser piece of technology. I researched more as my curiosity was growing and found that it is one of the most popular library used for JavaScript today.

Web developers and designers use it tremendously for its flexible and feature packed qualities. When we talk about web of course the main things we worry about is cross platform capabilities, speed and size of the files. Then I understood why most of the web developers are using it as it takes cares of all these features efficiently. Speedy downloads; multiple platforms and smaller scripts are making it so popular.

Internet has evolved a lot and daily people are uploading their contents here for personal and professional reasons. Managing this content is also important and there is a special community which is evolving whom we call bloggers, is a big chunk using it. They use several tools and one such tool you must know is WordPress.

In simple terms WordPress is a blogging tool and content management system. It is found out that it is the most popular one on web. Hence, it is obvious that its developer would add the other popular and trendy things to it. This is why the jQuery Image Sliders are the most common trend in WordPress sites. As I write a lot and hence use WordPress too so I gathered some of the most amazing jQuery Image Sliders and thought to share it with you all. Here are those at your disposal.


Nivo Slider




Responsive Slide





Rotating Image Slider




jQuery Slider Shock


Camera jQuery Slider


Modern Slide In


Hope you liked what you have just watched. Pictures, effects, animations, drags, colors everything worked here is so good that I am surprised that how I never thought about the technology behind the scenes. I hope you have also enjoyed the show as the basic purpose I found of these jQuery image sliders is to establish a close and beautiful connection with the viewers. Really I loved it!

Written by Amit Tripathi

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