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45 Celebrity hot looks by over-the knee Socks

Knee high socks outfit has pretty much been perceived as part of Catholic school children’s uniform.Whether you are a school girl,Celebrity or you work somewhere, over-the-knee socks are something that you must have in your closet. They look amazing and they are also helpful in keeping you warm on chilly days. If you have got some pairs of over-the-knee socks and you are looking for the right ways to wear them in style, then have a look at some of the tips below.

over-the knee Socks-02

As the temperature starts to drop outside, many A class celebrities are starting to layer up with knee high socks or knee high shoes. Not only do these help them to stay warm but they also make them look sexy, kinky and Hot by allowing you to show off your shapely legs without showing too much skin!

With A Dress knee socks:


While choosing the right dress to work well with over-the-knee socks, go for the ones that are of medium length. Too short and it will give you a flirty look and too long will take away the beauty of over-the-knee socks. A-line dresses are a great choice to wear with these socks. The dress should end a little above the socks so that a little gap in between creates a contrast. This looks amazing on girls with long legs.


There are a lot of good choices that can go well with over-the-knee socks but boots are considered a great choice. For chilly days, opt for ankle boots. Try wearing the socks of the same color as the boots as this will give an illusion of high boots.


If you are an office woman, then go for pumps with your high socks. Avoid wearing heels as long socks are enough to make the statement and wearing heels will only distract and draw people’s attention to themselves. So make sure to tone down the remaining outfit.

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Knee Socks With Skirts:

over-the knee Socks-19-Ariana Grande

This is one of the most popular ways to wear high socks. Go for full or pleated skirt and avoid wearing plaid skirts as they will make you look like you are going school. You can wear tucked in shirt with the skirt and flats to complete the look.

With Shorts:

over-the knee Socks-36-mila-kunis

For a night out with friends, opt for stylish shorts with over-the-knee socks. When opting for shorts, a denim short is a good choice as it will give you chic youthful look. You can wear a classic t-shirt over it and you are done. Shoe options can be ballet flats or simple flats.

45 Knee Socks outfits examples

over-the knee Socks-01-Ralph-Lauren

over-the knee Socks-03

over-the knee Socks-05

over-the knee Socks-06

over-the knee Socks-07

over-the knee Socks-08

over-the knee Socks-09

over-the knee Socks-10

over-the knee Socks-11

over-the knee Socks-12

over-the knee Socks-13

over-the knee Socks-14

over-the knee Socks-15

over-the knee Socks-16

over-the knee Socks-17

over-the knee Socks-18

over-the knee Socks-20

over-the knee Socks-21

over-the knee Socks-23-taylor-swift

over-the knee Socks-24-betsey-johnson

over-the knee Socks-25

Chrissy Teigen knee socks outfit

over-the knee Socks-27

over-the knee Socks-28-Cara-Delevingne

over-the knee Socks-29

over-the knee Socks-30

Emma Roberts spotted wearing a short shorts and knee socks

over-the knee Socks-32-RedHair

over-the knee Socks-33

over-the knee Socks-34-Jessica_Alba

over-the knee Socks-35

over-the knee Socks-37

over-the knee Socks-38

over-the knee Socks-39

over-the knee Socks-40

over-the knee Socks-41

over-the knee Socks-41-ralph-lauren

over-the knee Socks-42

Vanessa Hudgens knee socks

over-the knee Socks-44

While many people would prefer for knee socks to remain as just that,  modern day fashion has proved that knee socks are not only normal and appropriate for everyday wear, but  also considered to be sexy, warm and chic. These are some of the ways to wear over-the-knee socks.






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