Gorgeous Examples Of Ladies Lace-up Tops

If you are a frequent fashion follower then you might have known the fame and popularity of lace up shoes and sandals as they were really popular during the summers. There is no doubt that these popular shoes are gonna stay in the world of fashion for a long time but one more thing that is getting popular in the category of the lace up outfits and pieces is a classic lace up top. They are sexy and keep the look classic as well.

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     1. Casual:

If you think that your lace up tops will be a little too much for everyday looks then you can easily dress them down with the help of denim. A pair of denim jeans is a life savior and can dress down any classic top for a beautiful street inspired casual look. This combination is best if you like staying sexy and comfy at the same time.

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     2. Side Lace:

Another beautiful way to incorporate some laces in your style is to go for the tops and blouses with lace up textures and details on their sides. This is super easy and chic way to wear lace ups if you do not have a big bust or you are a little shy to show some of the cleavage for the casual street inspired looks.

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    3. Layered:

This tip is also for those ladies who are a little shy into showing off their skin but love wearing the lace up tops. Why not wearing a lace up top under something such as a jacket, blazer or even another top that has a plunging neckline? Another interesting choice is to layer lace top under a sheer top as this will show the cute details without giving a seductive feel.

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    4. Statement Maker:

Interested in making up the statement at a party or a get together with your lace up top? Make sure you throw all your focus towards it by going for something bright, printed or detailed. A brightly colored lace up top is a perfect choice for summers where as a lace up top with dainty details of lace is also very chic. You can also pick crop tops in lace up style for a more dramatic look.

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These are some cute chic ways to wear lace up tops. Have a look at some of the stylish examples of lace up tops mentioned below for inspiration.

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