Leverage Your Social Profile Using Buzzom

Leverage Your Social Profile Using Buzzom

Social Media has certainly changed the face of advertisement in the Internet. The importance of business followed by the profile is becoming more important today than ever. In the social media platform, profile is the most important aspect of the business. People make decisions by looking at the influence of the profile. Hence, a personal brand is becoming more important than ever.

With the changing time, very few platforms are available to leverage the personal brand over the Internet Space. One popular kind of platform spread over the Internet is the Featured User Program or Sponsored User. It allows you to choose the amount of impression that you want to receive and pay accordingly.

This form of advertisement works in the manner of banner advertisement. The profile of a user is put as an advertisement with basic details. Depending upon the mode of transaction, user would either have to pay per click or pay per impression. Different programs employ different method and some give both. Besides using third party application, user can even make an offline request and put their banner on each other’s website.

But is feature banner efficient?

Effectiveness of feature banner depends upon the kind of site your profile is hosted upon.  Usually, featured banner is not effective everywhere. Few places where they are very useful is in case of social profile management tools.
There are sites like, Tweetdeck, HootSuite and where the effectiveness of the featured Ad increases because the audience is large and highly engaged with the application.
Among these application, provides a very easy and effective Feature Program. Buzzom is a very popular site where people discover new people and manage their social profiles. Hence, it makes the best place for the Feature Ad program.

Buzzom allows you to choose three different kinds of advertisement:

1. Featured Banner

Buzzom Featured Banner

User’s profile and bio are placed side of the application for users to view and follow them. The user is charged per impression.

2. Grow Banner

Buzzom Grow Banner

Buzzom has a grow feature that lists out new and relevant people. When user purchases Grow banner the Grow system will recommend the profile to users.

3. Search Banner

Buzzom Search Banner

Buzzom also has a people search feature that allows user to search according to bio, location or tweets. User can buy the banner with relevant keywords.


I hope the above information was helpful. Please provide with comment and feedback on what other systems are there for similar purpose.

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