Little-known iPhone features you Should Use

iOS is packed with the best little features that does not get much acknowledgement they deserve. iPhone users mostly focus on the camera, leroi johnny casino apps,iTunes and other features. Nevertheless, the thing is that there are also little-known iPhone features that can make your life easy.

You might be thinking that you know your iPhone device well, but reading this post, you will be surprised with some of the features it contains.

We are very sure that you will find your best little feature that you can make use of most of the times.

On that note, below we are going to share some of them and you will be spellbound surely with some of these iPhone little-known features.

Disable Face ID in case of an Emergency

We are all big fans of Face ID; unfortunately, this feature makes it easier for anyone to unlock your mobile device. If you feel like you are in a situation it is better you disable this feature in a space of three seconds. To do this, either simply hold down at the same time the side button and the upper button or down button that is on the left for close to two seconds. Even though you are not looking at your phone, a vibration will let you know it worked.

Hide Pictures from your main Pictures Feed

We all love to create memories and in this modern age, we capture all the good moments using our phone cameras. However, there are some pictures that we don’t feel comfortable sharing or showing our friends and family.

The good news is that the iOS consist of a feature that will make you hide your pictures and machines à sous en ligne apps . These pictures will not appear on the main feeds. This is whereby they will only be available in a special folder that you can only notice and no one else will.

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