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Magnificent and Mesmerizing Traditional Art Paintings

First of all, The motive is pretty cool and clear showcasing Magnificent “Traditional Art Paintings” as they are the biggest source of inspiration for graphic designers. Really Magnificent, these are Traditional Art paintings are done by very very talented and very creative artists, So mesmerizing I stared at them for hours and believe me not an easy job to select which one is best or better than other as all of them having so many amazing things painted and expressed & still never had a clear opinion that they paintings / drawings not digitally edited or Photoshopped imagesthe technique is great. The proportions of facial features and the hand seem all in place in all paintings, use of Shading and lighting are very well done too and eyes pop out instantly. I’m especially fascinated with the way artists coloured and considering this is traditional art, this is even more astounding.

Now constructive criticism also includes pointing out the negatives. And I tried to find something here, but that would just be nitpicking for the sake of it. Overall these are the great piece of art and even more so considering that it’s done with a traditional medium. vision: It’s as if you went inside your own mind, took a photo of what you saw, and printed it out for all to see! The freckles and hair are all so realistic! The colors and lighting are sublime! And in some painting eyes are like vacant pools of starlight longing to be filled! Originality: I’ve seen MANY portraits that have this dreamlike/mirage look, but there’s something about these that just screams volumes! Technique: Your method of using different tools – pencil, pen, etc., – I think worked perfectly!

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The fertile ground of uncertainty by guillembe

The fertile ground of uncertainty

the Spring by nasimo

what is she gonna do if someone spots her golden canary? it’s the only thing dangerous about her, oh my God, a beak! the rest is just golden wisdom and love, very nice painting.

the Spring

June by escume

The Latin term for June is Junius, named after the Roman Goddess Juno. She was the goddess of marriage which is one reason why the June is a popular for weddings and it is pleasure to see this lovely painting again and again.


The end of Winter  by ericadalmaso

Very impressive technique, Lovely composition and well choice of colors makes this piece of painting really impressive with unique style adopted by artist.


‘Rainy Walk’ by DusanMalobabic

Very vibrant painting, Awesome color combinations, shading, Abstraction, Design, Subject & Composition and all of them The rainy effect is mind blowin the way you made the ground look wet and shiny even though it’s colorful.


Disguise  by linnFeyling

Talent and skills are the qualities which takes artist miles and standout from crowd that’s what you will notice in linnfetling after viewing his rest of paintings. Beautiful face composition and blond hairs makes this really perfect.


L by nasimo

Definitely one of my favorite painting, I love how artist put the cats into the dress, I couldn’t tell until I got a better look at it. Great style , vibrant colours are something I find hard to achieve in acrylics.


Follow me (I’m going away)  by ericadalmaso

Another interesting and beautiful work by ericadalmaso, love his all painting, but this is really beautiful, like coming out of shower with wet hairs making her really sexy specially eyes and lips. I must say very expressive, creative work indeed. I love the colour scheme and stocks of watercolour dots around her adding a nice effect.

follow me am going away

Auburn by MichaelShapcott

This is without a doubt one of my favorite piece of art in this article, that I have ever seen. I find that I can connect to it on so many different levels. Every time I look at this piece it is like I am having a conversation with it, and its telling me something new every time. I notice different marks and details every time I view it.


For a minute there I lost myself by Marie-Esther

Keeping up with my more personal kind of portraits, dealing this time with the sensation of losing ourselves at times. Inspired by a conversation I had with a person at my small exhibition, about traditionally painting dynamism and several instants all at once versus usual traditional portraits’ staticity. You are a freaking genius, the minute i saw this i fell in love, i showed it to my best friend and she fell in love as well i just think this is perfect and can depict so many meanings   you were right about Potworo, great find there. I love this image.  The colors work together to draw the eye across the entire image, but my favorite part is that it’s hard to tell where the one hand ends and the other begins.


Barbara by Valontine


Roses in her hairs – Bloom by KatePowellArt

Wow Lovely roses in her hairs and detail on this are just splendid. I love the shape of her face too. seriously you need to have a tutorial on your art pieces. By far you are one of my favorite artist.


For Lalande by Wiszus

For Lalande

smoking cigarettes by bohomaz13

Incredibly stunning! Great use of color, especially in her hair. amazing work, love the way you did the hair and the texture of her sweater. Very nice indeed!

smoking cigarettes

Alice by MichaelShapcott

absolutely beautiful colouring, especially the eyes saying some thing and the stunning expression on the rabbit is very unique and i love it


dace2 by greno89

his is sooo cool, there is so much going on here, it really captures your eye. It’s no one of those pieces you look at for a couple seconds and say “Oh thats cool” Its a picture that you want to examine each detail. Very lovely job


Lana by stephchard


Inwards by guillembe

The contrasts are beautiful and the sharp lines. Beautiful painting! She really look very pretty like a sleeping beauty. This is so unbelievably beautiful, I love to see her with open eyes.


Empath by JenniferHealy


Whatever I see by WeirdSam

This is beautiful, I just want you to know how much you’ve inspired me. You’ve opened my eyes to a beautiful world I didn’t even know was there. You have no idea how much I look up to you, and I love every piece of art you’ve created. Your a fantastic artist and I pray that you never stop dreaming up new ideas! Never stop imagining. It annoys me that you’ve stated this is a “Quick Sketch” when it looks so good!! The features are just perfectly drawn, which emphasises the fact you’ve got amazing talent, but everyone clearly knows this already. The shading is still amazing, and I absolutely love the hair stands! My favorite part though are the lips and nose: they look fantastic. As always, the eyes stand out the most and show great details of colour and consideration. In all the most amazing bit though is the lack of shading in some areas. The dramatic white balance really stands out and creates amazing light contrast. I love it, really fantastic.

Whatever I see

aquamarine freak

When I saw this I couldn’t believe that you’d just drawn it in pen as a “sketch”. This is actually so gorgeous. I can’t keep my eyes off of it. First of all, the facial features are so wonderful. The lips just look amazing, and the fact that you even went into detail as to add the teeth is awesome. The eyes are just gorgeous; it looks really realistic. I especially enjoy the subtly of the color and shading. You kept the shading pretty minimal and yet it looks so great and works so well for this picture. And then the color just adds the rest of the emotion that makes up this picture. Really well done, seriously. So much that I think you deserve a watch from me!   Beautiful painting! I was so surprised to see this name pop up, as I follow her on Tumblr. What a coincidence.


Horizon by guillembe


You’ve been holding on too long (Il Salto)

It looks like her entire existence is fragmented and upside down. The pattern behind her looks like her circulatory system, or perhaps the nerve fibers of her brain, exposing her insides to the world to see. I like this piece, the simplicity of it increases it’s punch quite nicely. Maybe making her hair look even finer and silkier would make the impact even bigger, since now it looks almost too rough to be a part of the whole. There is truly a dark feeling here, but yet also a feeling of life? If that makes sense. I love the use of the window feel in the background. Its like I’m seeing inside to the inner hope, possibly, or life (through what looks like roots and…) within the expression and the posture she puts off….even upside down!


freckles by Artilin

I love all the colors in the hair and vibrant eyes  – not to miss freckles, it looks so natural and well done. she looks so cute and colorful


One day you will understand by AirelavArt

This is extremely incredible. I really like the color and texture you were able to get. Love the rest of your Gallery as well outstanding That’s amazing! Incredible detail makes her look real.


A Glimpse of Truth by guillembe

Watercolor on Cold Press (with a little bit of pastel and ink for highlights) Absolutely wonderful, a lot of emotion and summer feeling! The freckles and skin are fantastic! I have a little problem with her eyes though, there is something wring with perspective and shading, they do not look as alive as the rest of the painting.

A Glimpse of Truth

You Are Making Me Cry Again by LinnFeyling

This is so beautiful! It amazes me how much emotion you put in this painting. It’s absolutely beautiful. I love the colours. And I  must compliment you on the tears. They look so realistic! Everything just fits together so perfectly. The tears, the braid, the shape of her face and even the eyelashes!


I think this is very very special and that you are very talented.
 This is really wonderful, and it conveys a lot of emotion. And the eyes are so well done that when I look at them, my eyes start watering out of sympathy
Wow! Gorgeous portrait Linn. I love all the detail you drew into her, the shading, blending…and those eyes. Red rimmed and tearyeyed they are still beautiful. Amazing work of art. Thanks for sharing.

Stunningly composed. Your skillful use of white ink to highlight and define is what makes this piece and all of your other work really outstanding. I love the technique used on the hair, and your shading on the face is simply outstanding! A favorite element is the rainbow splattering where her body would be. It gives a very nice ethereal effect. The only criticism I can really give is the somewhat repetitive color palette. I would have loved to see a bit more neutral or cool colors to balance out these fabulous warm tones. In the end, this is simply an outstanding work, but it’s very much like everything else in your gallery and could have benefited from a more broad color palette.

The Antlersby KatePowellArt

Amazing work, it looks perfect and disheveled at the same time I love how intense her eyes are, & I love the colors you chose This is incredible. I love the shades of blue mixed in with the purple. You have some talent.


Dreaming of a new world by ericadalmaso

Love the way you made the freckles!!  (And my favourite part of the painting is the backside of the neck contrasting with dark green…cool!) This looks like watercolor. What kind of paints do you use? The colors are so vibrant. Love the composition. I’m curious- what intrigues you about faces? But basicly it’s a rubber fluid that can be later peeled or rubbed off, meant for water colours to cover up some areas and leave the paper white.


purple by thecatspaw

turned out great. i almost thought water color, but the colors are so vibrant. great wash technique. keep it up. Really nice job.  I’m used to seeing something like this in watercolor, not acrylic.  Nice job on the lips and hair! Absolutely stunning!  I love it.  Great drawing, great color choices, fantastic composition (you made some very interesting decisions here)…  Just fantastic all around…  Great work!


Angelica by thecatspaw

This is an amazing portrait!! Is it watercolor? I’m just learning watercolor so this is very inspirational – great job


cellist by thecatspaw

Very beautiful watercolor Painting, working of color is wonderful, Definitely one of the best work of thecatspaw. Love this piece of artwork!  It is absolutely stunning the feeling of the moment comes across nicely.   The . Really, well done!!!


Beauty is a Million Colors by weroni

This is quite pretty and extraordinary artwork, I like how artist captured her detail and emotion, nice work. Well I believe everybody is beautiful, only you need an eye to find beautiful and on other hand no one is flawless… Make an effort and try finding something good in people for once It’s so easy to get devoured by all the ugliness of this world.

Beauty is a Million Colors

Fight For What You Believe In by weroni

Lovely use of colors and geometry which makes this painting really standout use of the paper as the highlight of the face – negative space is balanced well and it is a fantastic painting.

Fight For What You Believe In

Inthecircle#2 by greno89

Amazing facial expressions with such vibrant textures and design makes this painting inspiring and expressive kind of peaceful. The concept and abstraction in this painting makes it extremely appealing to viewers. It’s surreal almost, yet extremely lovely and the most beautiful details.


Poetry by SamanthaJordaan

Awesome piece of artwork! lovely details and texture in painting specially model and a beautiful chest and highlight of it is lovely strokes of the brush. The concept in rough, then gather reference, then paint in layers, great use of a big brush in layers and between coats in a circular motion with very rough sand paper.


Filigree by SamanthaJordaan

Beautiful painting!  I like her facial expression and Lovely hairs, great composition, the rose in the hairs and the detail in the background are best part of this painting. Spellbinding, creative, beautiful and relaxing to the eyes and soul of the viewer.


In Love with Nature by ericadalmaso

I absolutely adore this painting! love the variance in the shade and tone, face is clear enough it could be a digital photo, but difficult to imagine that it is a painting – simply exquisitely beautiful. Lovely colors “run” into each other instead of having them form distinct strands of hair with stunning use of butterflies with the stunning shades on her eyes and not to forgot radiant eyes with the shade of blue, that nose, those cheekbones, and those ridiculously large lips. I wish she could be with me as I am as viewer getting a spiritually freeing about a rainbow, and when I think of how I want to appear to others, it is a living rainbow, ever changing and full of surprises.


May by escume

Beautiful enchanting colors with a lot of precision makes this very interesting piece of artwork / painting, which is wispy and dreamlike. Used chalky brushes and traditional textures to get that effect. The expression in her eyes is very noble, but determined and Love the way the color yellow used with the blue.


July by escume

July is the seventh month of the year, though it was originally the fifth. Therefore it was first called Quintilis, though was later changed in honor of Julius Caesar’s birth month. On average, it’s the warmest month in Northern Hemisphere and the coldest in the Southern Hemisphere. There typically isn’t as much rainfall in July, though flowers and insects are abundant.


Undergrowth by defectivebarbie

The contrast is pretty good in this traditional art painting, love the creativity and bushes used by artist on this painting. This is stunning painitng the colour is amazing and her eyes are full of life, beauty and emotion.


Bloom by escume

What a title, Absolutely aw-inspiring and stunning piece of artwork justifying it, with a stunning hairs, eyes full of life, beauty and emotions with the negative space used in features, particularly her nose which makes it really interesting to view and follow artist to follow more of his work progress.


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