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maybe website design has expired?

maybe website design has expired?

Characteristics of the e-commerce website, the change of user habits that website is no longer the center of the experience on the internet environment.
With the development of the internet by storm and e-commerce, web design is a money-making enterprise in recent years. Just mastered some design tools like Photoshop, HTML + CSS, can learn a web programming languages like ASP.NET, PHP, Java, … and most importantly, perseverance and self-learning ability ask, you can easily earn a job with a stable income or free-lancer project received from abroad.


However the technology experts of Mashable is that web design profession is “dying” over time. Characteristics of the e-commerce website, the change of user habits that website is no longer the center of the experience on the internet environment. This is also the reason why the website designer needs to find their own direction more suited to survive in the future. The following analysis will indicate that the experts on what to rely on to assert as “wiggle room” so.

Web tends to “instant noodles”

Fast, cheap and simple as three words to say about the platform CMS (Content Management System) now as WordPress, Blogger, Drupal. They are free and do not require users to have the skills to code, html or css (the programming language Basic Web) to build 1 website in just 30 minutes. In fact, most popular content you see on the website are now building on the platform 3.


Besides the free CMS platform, users are provided with many interface model is quite nice on the internet without paying a penny, especially some form of charge is also very cheap price. They will ask the question: why have to hire a web design cost is not cheap if themselves can also build a website full of basic features with acceptable interface that to save quite a bit of money. The reality of work, some web designers also consulted the interface available on the internet, then made some small customized to suit the requirements and purposes of customer use.

Website design does not need to change over time

In fact the renovation design of a website is not necessary in many cases. Sometimes the disturbance design, the interface of a web page can backfire because most of the users were accustomed to the old system. For example, logging functions, payment of an online e-commerce website needs to be consistent over time to give users easy usage habits.


The design change will make the user must take the time to learn from scratch but for those customers lacking the patience, maybe they will say goodbye to your website

Artificial intelligence will replace humans in web design

Many technology experts predict that the future of the service website design and web automation project is thegrid catch the trend. With technology AI (artificial intelligence), the mainframe system will analyze data and thereby make the layout, colors, fonts, best image for a customized on-demand websites like intended use of the customer. Of course, the statistics and the computer will calculate a more reliable so than the decision of the designer – whether they have special aesthetic eye.

When a task that can be done successfully by machines, ie its standards will be established to not need the service of man. Put simply, in future wars will not stop between the designers together, but instead is the fierce competition between web design services better, faster, better and with less involvement human intervention.

Facebook then becomes the home of many businesses

About 15 years ago, emerging businesses and acumen will buy right domain name ending in .com, .net and spend a significant amount of money for the design, construction and data storage for their website . By 2005, with the emergence of many new CMS platform, building a site on blogger or is fully served their marketing work with the fast, convenient and especially free


But all changed when Facebook – the largest social network in the world with billions of users appears. With Facebook, users easily create a profile and then build a fanpage for business with interoperability and high customer reach. Besides, upon payment of Facebook is also very smart when making business information to the right audience, so advertising cost effective and cheaper to build a website.

Mobile applications will monopolize the mobile market

The browser, enter the web address, and switch between the tabs of mobile devices such as smartphones / tablet does not seem as easy as on a laptop or PC. However, each websites still have to design an exclusive edition on mobile users and service expenses increased drag.


To the contrary, users now tend to experience through mobile applications that are installed on their devices. A simple example: you would on Facebook through the application available on the screen or open a browser and type in ?

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