50 Lovely Mermaid Tattoos for Women

Sailors were the one who started inking the mermaid tattoos which got popular with the passage of time. Mermaid is Mythical Ocean creature or Priness, who is half women and half fish together in a body. They are the beautiful and the most disputed mythical creatures of the sea. They are lovely and damn cute with a spreading tail. Mermaid appears in various artworks in the modern fashion world as well as the tattoo design. Here we are sharing some beautiful mermaid tattoo designs for women! Read on and get inspired

Can you recall the story of little mermaid which you might have heard in your childhood from your parents as bed time story? Well, we guess that most of us have heard it and many of us also fell in love with that beautiful and sizzling little mermaid. Do you love to get tattoo done on your body? If yes, then why not try to craft the design of Lovely Mermaid Tattoo. Hope that sounds really great to you and you will be keen to know about the available designs of this particular section.

We are ready to fulfill you desire and here we present the most sizzling and stylish list of 50 Lovely Mermaid Tattoos for Men and Women. Mermaids are one of the most loved and mysterious creation of the world of waters. Getting this tattoo done is now high in craze and not only women, men are also in love with it. Designs big and small both are available and if you want to add something extra in your selected design of mermaid tattoo then you can share that with your artist. Many believe that getting a mermaid tattoo done will bring lots of luck in their life.

Lovely Mermaid Tattoo Designs

As our body, mostly consists of water, and many of us would like to swim in the water. In this case mermaids may signify this, and we may have the mermaids on our body signifying the portion of water in our body.

Mermaid Arm Tattoos

Initially, it was worn by man who used to live near the sea or sailors on hands and arms, but eventually as tattoos became a part of fashion. Women came up with creative ideas to get inked on vaious part of body. The mermaid tattoos looks more vibrant on the curved poses, and the tattoo may have a single mermaid or a set of mermaid.

It is one of the tattoo designs which lets the artist to use different colour to make the designs, different use of colours makes the tattoo look all the more beautiful and attractive, however such use of bold colours may not be used in every type of tattoo designs.

Mermaids have always been admired for their beauty however on the other hand, mermaids in the churches are symbolized as vanity one of the deadly sins. Often mermaid paintings were found near the churches to say people to stay away from the various sins on the earth. And even though after being associated with the sins, they are also considered as the creation of the goddess of love and beauty.

Back Mermaid Tattoos

With passage of time, it has gained popularity amongst women too, and are decorated on different portions of both the sexes i.e. shoulders, backs.

Thigh Mermaid Tattoos

Arm Mermaid Tattoos

Earlier during the phase of World War II, the designs of the tattoos were quite typical, however now it has gone through lots of changes i.e. from simple black lines the designs have adopted multiple colours making the tattoo a lot catchy than ever before.

The tattoos can be captured using a large space, making the tattoo look more clear and beautiful.

The designs of the tattoos can be drawn in various ways; however it is preferred to be drawn on the round postures of the body.

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