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Top 10 Mistakes that get your Google Adsense Banned

Google Adsense is one of the largest tools to generate high revenue online by placing ads on your website. If people click on these ads, you will be given some revenue based on that click. The revenue depends on the competition on keyword and the country from which click had been made. But once you have got Adsense approved, you need to be very careful. There are certain mistakes that get your Google Adsense banned and you must avoid them. These mistakes had been mentioned below and you must avoid these mistakes.

Mistakes that get your Google Adsense Banned1.1

Mistakes that get your Google Adsense Banned

Not Knowing Terms and Conditions of Using Google Adsense

Mistakes that get your Google Adsense Banned1

Most of the people, who are using Google Adsense, do not know about the terms and conditions of using it until they get blocked for once. You should make sure that you must read the terms and conditions of using Google Adsense carefully so that you are not banned from using adsense because of not following the Google Adsense Policies.

Making Invalid Clicks

Mistakes that get your Google Adsense Banned2

Many Google Adsense users go crazy about the earnings and start using alternatives to increase their adsense revenue. This is not very much useful and results in banning of Adsense.

  • People try to improve the daily earning by making other people click multiple times from a single IP address
  • They even click on their ads by themselves
  • They may ask readers to click on ads by mentioning different catchy phrases and this must be avoided

These are false means to generate income and when Google Detects it, Google bans your adsense account.

Over Using the Ads


Some people make use of more than 4 image ads, more than 3 links units and more than one custom search option on single page of a website. So, you should avoid using it. Try to limit the ads to minimum number. Ideal placement can be 3 image ads and 2 links units with one custom search bar on a single page of your website.

Sending Ads on Email

Mistakes that get your Google Adsense Banned4

This is another common mistake that users commit while using adsense. They send the ads to other people on Emails and this is treated as spam. It is strictly against the Google Policies.

Using Ads Label

Mistakes that get your Google Adsense Banned5

One of the most frequent and widely done mistakes is using Ads label like ‘Click here’ option or something like that. Anything that encourages the readers to click on ads would be treated as spam.

Do Not Go for Paid Traffic

Mistakes that get your Google Adsense Banned6

Users not getting visitors and Adsense earnings might want to improve it drastically, so they take the paid traffic. The traffic coming to their website is from some paid source and they often get clicks on ad. But this traffic may or may not be safe for Google Adsense. So if Google finds any policy violation, it will immediately ban your account.

  • Paid traffic must be real
  • The traffic must not be a bot that keeps on clicking the ads using dynamic IPs

Altering Adsense Code

Mistakes that get your Google Adsense Banned7

You might be a good programmer, but altering the adsense code may harm your website, in fact the Adsense account. Adsense provides you with enough sizes of different ads. You can choose the size accordingly and place the ad of that size on your blog.

  • You should not try to alter the ad code provided by Google Adsense
  • Altering Google Adsense Code as provided at time of generation may lead to banning of your Google Adsense account

Do Not use Copyrighted Content

Mistakes that get your Google Adsense Banned8

If you are using the copied content on your website and the content is more than 50 percent copied on your website then your adsense account is surely at the verge of getting banned. Google always have an issue of copyrighted content and penalizes the websites using such content. So, if you are publishing copied content on your website and still using adsense then you must stop using any one of them.

  • Remove or replace all the copied content with original one
  • Write content that sustains the quality and encourages readers to read it

Do not Use Floating or Pop Up Ads

Mistakes that get your Google Adsense Banned9

You must not place the Adsense code as a pop up so as to improve the chances of people clicking on it. This will surely lead to banning of your adsense account and you might lose the amount present in your account after banning.

Using Unsupported Language

Mistakes that get your Google Adsense Banned10

You should not use the languages that are not supported by Adsense. If your website content is having unsupported format or language, you should change it. Adsense often gets banned on such type of website where the content violates Adsense Policies and is not written in supported language.

  • Avoid using non supported language content
  • Also, remove the content that is written in bob supported language



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