100 Music Tattoo Designs For Music Lovers

Tattoos are an extension of your personality. When you have a tattoo on your body, you say it out to the world aloud who you are and what you believe in. Getting a tattoo is a huge commitment as it stays permanent throughout your lifetime. For the same reason, while choosing a tattoo you must be very careful and selective as once you choose a tattoo you can’t undo it. It stays on you forever. A tattoo should be what you love, what you are passionate about and what you want to show the world about you. There are some great collections of tattoos for those who love music. These are beautiful tattoo designs that complement the personality of music lovers.
Let’s check out if there are any interesting music tattoos designs that you would like to have.

Guitar tattoo designs

music tattoo designs (62) guitar

Guitar is one of the most popular and widely used instruments in the world. Apart from musicians, normal people who have a good taste for music enjoy playing guitar as a hobby as well. To show that you love playing guitar or the music created through it, you can have a guitar tattoo inked on your body. The best positions to get this tattoo are your arm near your forehand. The shape of the guitar is vertical and your forehand would be a perfect fit for it.

music tattoo designs (70) arm guitar

music tattoo designs (72) poppy guitar

music tattoo designs (87)

music tattoo designs (88)

music tattoo designs (1)

So, if you love guitars this would probably the best music tattoo you can get.

DNA music tattoo

This is one of the most unique tattoos you must have seen. The tattoo has a DNA as a backdrop and rhythms of music on it. The clear message it shows is that music runs in your DNA and it is definitely a unique way to show it. The tattoo would look great in black color as the notes of music are always written in black. This tattoo too would look great on your forehand as it is long and of considerable width. The DNA music tattoo is for the hardcore music lovers who want to show their love for music through a tattoo.

dna music tattoo

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