100 Music Tattoo Designs For Music Lovers

Tattoos are an extension of your personality. When you have a tattoo on your body, you say it out to the world aloud who you are and what you believe in. Getting a tattoo is a huge commitment as it stays permanent throughout your lifetime. For the same reason, while choosing a tattoo you must be very careful and selective as once you choose a tattoo you can’t undo it. It stays on you forever. A tattoo should be what you love, what you are passionate about and what you want to show the world about you. There are some great collections of tattoos for those who love music. These are beautiful tattoo designs that complement the personality of music lovers.
Let’s check out if there are any interesting music tattoos designs that you would like to have.

Guitar tattoo designs

Guitar is one of the most popular and widely used instruments in the world. Apart from musicians, normal people who have a good taste for music enjoy playing guitar as a hobby as well. To show that you love playing guitar or the music created through it, you can have a guitar tattoo inked on your body. The best positions to get this tattoo are your arm near your forehand. The shape of the guitar is vertical and your forehand would be a perfect fit for it.

So, if you love guitars this would probably the best music tattoo you can get.

DNA music tattoo

This is one of the most unique tattoos you must have seen. The tattoo has a DNA as a backdrop and rhythms of music on it. The clear message it shows is that music runs in your DNA and it is definitely a unique way to show it. The tattoo would look great in black color as the notes of music are always written in black. This tattoo too would look great on your forehand as it is long and of considerable width. The DNA music tattoo is for the hardcore music lovers who want to show their love for music through a tattoo.

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Heartbeat musical note tattoo

This tattoo will make people fall in love with it. It is brilliantly crafted with half of it as heart rate and the other half as a musical note. The tattoo fits perfectly well on your wrist but the wrist is a delicate place to have a tattoo. If you are okay with getting a tattoo on your wrist, this is probably the best music tattoo design you can get inked with.

It looks cool as well as stands as an ode ( ancient Greek: is structured in three major parts: the strophe, the antistrophe, and the epode) to your love for music. Anyone who would look at the tattoo can make out that you are a music lover to the core of your heart.

Piano tattoo designs

Piano tattoos bring more details and charm into ink and it make people fall in love with it. The tattoo fits perfectly well on arm as they need more area for details. If you are okay with getting a tattoo on your arm, this is probably the best music tattoo design you can get inked with. Here are some of Beautiful Piano Music tattoos and designs which will help you to get some inspration for your next tattoos.

Gramophone Tattoo designs

Please take a look at these cool gramophone music tattoo designs and let us know which one you like the most.

Music microphone tattoos

Vintage microphone Music tattoos are a symbol of our love for music and its instruments. Vintage music microphone tattoo designs are really popular in traditional tattoo style, but with their shiny metallic glamour, they are also great for realistic designs. They can complete a full sleeve or half sleeve ink artwork devoted to music or be teamed with music symbols, roses etc.

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Single letter musical note tattoo

In tattoo design categories “music tattoo designs” are one of the most popular tattoo designs amoing youngsters. you can see many tattoo designs like tiny and large music note tattoos, small music symbol tattoos, guitar tattoos, piano tattoo, microphone tattoos, gramophone tat’s, music instrument tattoos, cross tattoos, drawing tattoos, favorite songs line as tattoo, any favorite instrumental as a tattoo and you can mix one or more music tattoo designs to make a better good looking tattoo design – like adding roses, skulls etc.

As we know, there are several musical notes that create music. We can get any one of them inked on our body; they make you look really cool. When you decide on having a letter of the musical notes as a tattoo, the most popular is the first letter that looks like an ampersand. It would perfectly fit your upper hand and would look beautiful in the color black but you can get them in any other choice of color you want.

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These are some of the best music tattoo designs that you can get inked with. It shows everyone of how much you love music and it is a subtle way to show. With the choices we have got for you, it now becomes easy to finalize on which one you would want to get.

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