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Top 20 Must-Have Photoshop Plugins in this Year

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (1)

Photoshop is one of the best photo editing and designing tools for the web designers, logo designers and photographers. Photoshop is also known as the mother of all other Adobe software collections. It helps in adding various amazing effects in your images. The images look real and high quality with the help of this photo editing tool. It helps you to show your creativity in image editing.

However, it is the number one photo editing software these days. But still there are certain limitations too in this software. The functions that are non-existent in this tool create a lot of problems for the designers. In such cases, designers have two options. One is to search and download another photo editing tool which is versatile exactly as Photoshop that is quite impossible task for anyone. The other option is to enable plugins in this software which make Photoshop better in terms of advanced features and functionality. Here we are given a list of must have Photoshop plugins which will surely help the designers in designing amazing photographs.

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins

Perfect effects 8 Free

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (1)

This plugin has more than 73 photo effects. You can easily combine these photo effects to create more effects.


  • It helps in applying various photo effects with control over blending, painting and masking.
  • The effects created by this plugin look awesome and nice.

Virtual Photographer

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (2)

This plugin has more than 200 presets through which you can apply unique effects to your photos with ease.


  • It is featured with a nifty split screen preview function which helps you to check your image before and after editing.
  • It is a time saving plugin.

Social Kit

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (2)

This plugin provides you a customizable template for social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google Plus.


  • It helps in creating the social buttons in an image.
  • One can add contributors and see their changes in images in real time.


Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (3)

It is a creative plugin for Photoshop which helps in making your web pages in such a way that it looks likes pop out of a hat.


Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (4)

This plugin solves all the troubles related to the name, color and size of the CSS elements of an image.


  • It is an exact and fast plugin.
  • You just need to copy and paste this plugin in the CSS editor section.

Freeware Boundary Noise Reduction

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (5)

As its name suggests, it helps in reducing the noise in your images. The free version of this plugin also works like a premium version.


  • It is easy to use.
  • The filter in this plugin helps in maintaining the sharpness of your image.


Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (6)

One can design a particular application or a website in a single PSD with the help of this plugin.

Super PNG

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (7)

It is one of the incredible plugin for Photoshop. The main function of this plugin is to process a PNG image faster than other plugins.


  • It can easily save a PNG image in smaller size.
  • It is a fast processing plugin.

Layrs Control

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (8)

This plugin has a wide collection of scripts which are generally used in mundane tasks. It has an option to remove the unused effects in the images.


  • It is able to delete the empty layers to reduce the size of the image.
  • It has a layer name editor too.

Guide Guide

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (9)

Guide Guide plugin helps you in setting the guidelines for your designs.

Cut and Slice Me

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (10)

As its name implies, it helps in cutting a section or a part of the image. It is a versatile plugin.


  • Working on this plugin is very easy.
  • You can cut the images according to your choice.

Wire Worm

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (3)

This plugin is made for removing wire lines in the images. The working of this plugin is exactly same as Clone Stamp tool.


  • It also has a colour matching algorithm.
  • Working on this plugin is easier than Clone Stamp tool.

Curves 2

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (11)

If you are stuck with curve areas in an image, then this plugin perfectly made for you. It has a set of eight pre-sets.

Blend Me In

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (12)

It is one of the best Photoshop plugin which helps you in searching at about thousands of assets.


  • Drag and drop function is available in this plugin.
  • The icons present in this plugin are in vector format.

Adobe’s Kuler

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (4)

It is the simplest and coolest color picker plugin for Photoshop. You can also make different colors by combining colors with the help of this plugin. You can check the color schemes of other users as well.

Pano Warp

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (5)

This plugin is used to fix the distorted panoramas. It converts the curved lines of panoramas into straight lines.

Local Contrast Enhancement

Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (13)

It helps in increasing the contrast of an image without disturbing the pixels of that image.


Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (14)

Photomatic is the combination of eight different plugins. It helps in giving the night vision effects and grainy effects to the images.


Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (15)

It is a kind of plugin which helps in updating multiple layer comps with a single click.


Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (16)

This plugin is good for DE blurring a photo, but it is limited to small blurs only.



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