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15 Necessary WordPress Security Plugins for your Blog

WordPress is one of the leading platforms to create a website and people are often choosing this platform to build their blog or website. More than 50 million websites are been hosted on WordPress and many more still to be hosted. But, security of this system is always a concern. Though, WordPress initially had created some awesome security walls o protect its users, but still there are few loopholes in the security. For this purpose, many plugins can be used in order to provide extra security to WordPress blog. Here is the list of necessary WordPress Security Plugins to try on your blog.

Necessary WordPress Security Plugins1.2

Necessary WordPress Security Plugins

Security Ninja lite

Necessary WordPress Security Plugins1

It is the widely used plugin for WordPress and had gained popularity because of some great features. It can perform around 31 tests in total. Some of its features include:

  • The ‘Brute Force Attack’ test is really popular
  • It protects site from external attacks
  • It use the snippets of included codes to perform quick fixes


Necessary WordPress Security Plugins2

It is a popular WP plugin for the users and ensures safety of wordpress against the hackers. Some of its features are:

  • It acts like a firewall, reputation scanner, and provides backups
  • It has a detection system that can easily sense the attack or viral activists

iThemes Security

Necessary WordPress Security Plugins3

It is a powerful plugin that ensures and checks that all the loopholes related to the security are maintained well. This plugin will make sure that your WordPress website is fully protected.

Exploit Scanner

Necessary WordPress Security Plugins4

It is a great plugin and scans all the wordpress files and the database. It will highlight the suspicious code after scanning. It shows the hidden and suspicious codes to the administrator.

Ask Apache Password Protect

Necessary WordPress Security Plugins5

This plugin works at different multiple layers and safeguard your wordpress website. You can protect your blog from damages after installing this plugin.

  • This plugin is capable enough to block different attempts to hack your website
  • It protects the resources that are saved in your databases and CPU


Necessary WordPress Security Plugins6

TAC or Theme Authenticity checker scans the WordPress theme and provides you the scanned data nicely so that you can check the spot of malware.

Anitivirus for WordPress

Necessary WordPress Security Plugins7

There are chances that viruses are running on your WordPress website and are damaging it slowly. Though your website is protected from the hacking attacks, but you need to protect it from viruses and other malware too.

  • This plugin will be warning you against the harmful injection of any malware
  • It also blocks the malware instantly after warning user

Wordfence Security

Necessary WordPress Security Plugins8

This is the plugin that speeds up your blog. It also checks the presence of malware on your blog. If malware is detected, it will inform you and block it immediately.

Defensio Anti-Spam

Necessary WordPress Security Plugins9

It is another important plugin that ensures that your website sis protected against the malicious attacks of viruses and hackers. This plugin can detect the behavior of normal blog reader and spammy blog reader. Other features include:

  • It has OpenID support, RSS feeds, charts and much more
  • It also has its own counter widget

Stealth Login page

Necessary WordPress Security Plugins10

This plugin will allow you to create the custom URLs for logging in, registering, and logging out from administration panel. This will provide you secure login.

BulletProof Security Pro

Necessary WordPress Security Plugins11

Your website folder will be safe by clicking single time through mouse when you are using this plugin. Some other features of this plugin are:

  • It secures the ‘WP-admin’ part of your website
  • It protects the website from different attacks and viruses
  • This plugin also allows the user to make use of ‘Under Maintenance’ sign

Login Lockdown

Necessary WordPress Security Plugins12

If any person enters wrong password for specified attempt, he/sh will be blocked for the time specified by administrator.

WP Security Scan

Necessary WordPress Security Plugins13

It is powerful and creative wordpress plugin that can be used by the website developers. This is a powerful plugin that can move around the loopholes and test your site at adverse situation. Some of its features are:

  • It checks all the loopholes in the security of your wordpress website
  • The loopholes includes password, permission, and other file systems


Necessary WordPress Security Plugins14

It is a specific plugin that can do some important tasks automatically and the best part is that it is not visible to the human users. Its features are:

  • The spam comments are never saved by this plugin
  • WordPress user can block any of the spamBot and can mark it permanent spam



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