Nivo Slider. The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider

Nivo Slider. The Most Awesome Jquery Image Slider

While searching on the web, i find this awesome and amazing Jquery image slider develope by Dev7Studio. I really like the look and feel and the image effect they use in this slider. The implementation and the usage is good enough and this slider is also available on different platforms like wordpress and joomla also.

Nivo Slider. The Most Awesome Jquery Image Slider


To use the Nivo Slider you have to include the following in your page:

– jQuery
– Nivo Slider script
– Nivo Slider CSS

Advanced Usage

For more advanced examples of how to use the Nivo Slider see these tutorials:
Setting Up the Nivo Slider in WordPress
Using Thumbnails with the Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider. The Most Awesome Jquery Image Slider

Other Platforms

– Download the Nivo Slider WordPress Plugin or the Nivo Slider Light plugin for WordPress.
– Download the Nivo Slider or Views Nivo Slider Drupal modules.
– Download the Nivo Slider Joomla module (HU).

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