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50 Outfits ideas For Girls With Short waisted Torso

All girls have different types of bodies and all the outfits do not look good on all body types Like our favorite of all times Marilyn Monroe was having short legs and long torso and my favorite Cara Delevingne is having short Torso but long leg. Both of them are stunning celebrities but outfits choices are entirely different for their body types. If you are a girl who has a short waist torso then there is no need to worry about the dressing. A shorter waist torso can easily look longer with the help of following outfits and tips.  Also have a look at some of the stunning photo examples mentioned at the end for the outfits perfect for short torso ladies as an inspiration specially from three most popular Torso body type celebrities.

Un-tucked Top:

Cara-Delevingne torso body untucked top

Do not complicate your outfit if you have a short torso. Simply avoid tucking in your top if you wish to elongate your torso. No matter if it’s a t-shirt or a sweater, leave it un-tucked to give your frame a suitable length. It’s very easy yet very helpful

Long Top:


To elongate your torso, one great option is to opt for long tops. This outfit is considered as one of the easiest for ladies with short trunk because you can wear them in any way and style. Make sure you avoid the tops that go beyond the knuckles if you have got a petite figure or you will look like you are flowing in a pool of fabric.

V-Neck Dresses:


These are not only ideal for girls with big busts but are also helpful to elongate a short torso. A V-Neck dress is a good choice for girls with short trunk because it draws the attention towards the other parts of your body rather than torso. A plunging V-neck dress will show the world your feminine side and will also make your trunk appear long.

Cuffed Jeans / Pants:


Outfits to elongate short torso no only include the ones that help in lengthening your body line. Sometimes, it’s good to have a balanced look. One way to achieve it is to pair your top with cuffed jeans or pants. These beautiful pants are not only a hot trend right now but are also helpful in balancing the look by shortening the leg line.



If you want to create an effect of a longer torso, then one thing that can help you out are elongating things and accessories. These types of accessories draw the attention towards your body and in return makes your trunk look longer and leaner. These types of accessories include, skinny and long scarves and long earrings and necklaces.


H&M Crop Tank Top, Zara Tartan Shirt, Converse Chucks, Zara Studded Jeans Shorts, H&M Lace Bralette

These are some of the outfit ideas for short torso ladies. Have a look at some striking examples of outfits ideal for short torso ladies.

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