50 Best Wedding photos of 2015; A Romantic Beginning of Life Adventure

Your wedding isn’t the end, it’s the beginning of a huge life adventure & Romance. Photographers fallen in love with travelling and photographing couples wherever they are, and with the people they care most about. It should be a perfect memorable event with lots of memories captured in the form of photograph’s. Junebug Weddings recently announced

floral print outfits

50 Cute Floral Print Outfits For Girls

The ultimate truth is that women love flowers. Mostly we all love flowers, but women have a little more weakness towards him. It is no longer a secret and flowers were part of the women’s outfits since many years ago. So we just want to say that we are nothing new to say, but you

Jeans In Style 4

30 Ways to Wear Jeans In Style in 2016

Jeans are something that everyone loves to wear. They are so versatile that you can pair them with almost anything. This post is going to share some of the ways you can wear your jeans in style in 2016. There are also some of the examples and ideas of wearing jeans while staying in the


50+ The Most Elegant & Inpiring SideBooB Tats Ideas for Women

We all mostly get influenced from other people in our life; specially celebrities try to adapt their styles, habbits, culture and standard of living. Specially celebrity tattoo designs, We try to copy those designs on our self which are not at all necessary. Most of us get confused while selecting a tattoo deign that’s why


30 Different Ways To Wear Faux Fur

All of us want to look gorgeous. This is the reason why you go for different fashion attempts that make you look different and unique. One of the unique and beautiful choices of winter accessories is to add a faux fur in your style. Most of the people love faux fur but they don’t have