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  • Top 20 Must-Have Photoshop Plugins in this Year

    Photoshop is one of the best photo editing and designing tools for the web designers, logo designers and photographers. Photoshop is also known as the mother of all other Adobe software collections. It helps in adding various amazing effects in your images. The images look real and high quality with the help of this photo […]

  • 25 Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year

    Graphic designing had emerged to be one of the most successful trades in internet world. Being a graphic designer requires too much of efforts, but once you are in then you are in great business. Graphic designing had been popular since the times of cinemas. The internet significance of graphic designing had increased significantly over […]

  • Cool Gift Ideas for Geeky Designers in this Holiday Season

    We all wait for those special days every year which brings joy, fun, happiness and we get some leisure time away from our routine work. Holidays are not holy days in fact it is the time when you party hard with your friends and relatives. You become a free soul and enjoy sometimes with friends […]

  • Yuriy Shevchuk and his Cityscape and Landscape paintings

    yuriy shevchuk cityscape and landscape paintings

    Ukrainian painter, Yuriy Shevchuk, has a great passion for cityscape and landscape paintings. Yuriy Shevchuk was born in 1961 in Kiev, Ukraine. He graduated from the Kiev Art Institute and later the prestigious Architecture Kiev. Began in 1993, so far he has won a lot of success in the field of painting. Yuriy shared that […]

  • What an origami artist can do with 1 dollar

    banknotes origami

    Moneygami is an art of paper folding with banknotes. Won Park is one of the most famous artist who can master this creative art. Today, Lava360 will introduce readers to the Moneygami collection by Won Park. Origami – art of paper folding Origami is the Japanese tradition art of paper folding. The goal of this […]

  • Stunning Black Light Bodyscapes by John Poppleton

    black light bodyscapes

    John Poppleton, artist and photographer has just released his Black Light Bodyscapes collection – beautiful natural scenery with fluorescent material painted on the body of nude model. With intense love for nature, John Poppleton went to the idea is to use fluorescent paint material to draw the beautiful natural landscape on the bodies of nude models […]

  • How to take a beautiful Panorama photograph

    Many people think that to capture a panorama photograph with spread view, the photographer must need cameras with specialized lenses. However, the fact with any camera you can capture panoramic photo. Even smartphone with some applications also allow you to shoot panoramic photos. If you know how to take panoramic photos and combine it with your […]

  • Stunning double exposure photos by Alon Avissar and Aneta Ivanova

    alon avissar aneta ivanova double exposure photos

    Double Exposur is quite difficult technique in photography that not any photographer can mastering this technique. Because if its implemented with an amateur hand, the image would completely destroyed, the layout, colors, light …Photo gallery below of the American photographer – Alon Avissar and Bulgarian photographer – Aneta Ivanova, taken with Double Exposure technique is […]

  • How to make your camera battery last longer

    camera battery tips

    Digital cameras today use large screen sizes with multiple modes and features along such as review photos and videos on cameras screen. Therefore, camera will running out of battery really fast and also gradually reduces battery life. Here are 3 tips that can help you effectively use and improve the life of your camera battery. 1. Adjusting […]

  • 30 very creative artworks by Edgar Artis


    Today, in this article we will introduce to you a very talented artist and his creative works. Artist Edgar Artis very creative in using colored pencil art and everyday objects to create very stunning dresses and costumes. In the eyes of Edgar, everything can become material for his designs, from the avocado fruit, spaghetti, to everyday backgrounds. Just […]