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    Top 15 Best Responsive Joomla Templates: Try This!

    The online environment has already produced numerous opportunities for the business online for finding the economic success that is quite amazing. Although, when a person need to jump into the pursuit of the instantaneous wealth then it is crucial for laying the strong basis for the business by which one should not run in to the trouble while starting off the online endeavour.

    Best Responsive Joomla Templates1.1

    For maximizing the potential of the organizational web site it is recommended for seeking the various opportunities available in the premium joomla templates. Along with these templates one can easily begin to ground up for developing the quality web site that will help in selling and increasing the potential of making money. Here, one can find some of the free and the best responsive joomla templates which will link to the demo theme in action are as follows-

    Best Responsive Joomla Templates

    Maxed Mag

    Best Responsive Joomla Templates2

    If a person is searching for the cool magazine as well as news style for the website then the person should recommend to this template of joomla.

    • In this template is available with the array of the modules which help in listing it selling the products on the site.
    • It is the perfect template for news portal website


    Best Responsive Joomla Templates3

    This template lets the person to think about the various options with in a simple but in a clever way. Each and every part is explained nicely so that the person will completely understand its features. Thus, it will be an invaluable for the person who is quite new in web building.


    Best Responsive Joomla Templates4

    This template is free as well as quite popular and seems to be easy to use and for creating. One can use this template along with various options as well as designs.


    Best Responsive Joomla Templates5

    It is an elegant as well as inviting responsive template which will work well on the joomla framework.

    • It is a responsive template
    • It will fit seamlessly into the portrait along with the landscape sizes.


    Best Responsive Joomla Templates6

    Music is an awesome joomla template that is built on the cavern framework which is intuitive. This template includes a simple as well as clean layout and the high customized features.


    Best Responsive Joomla Templates7

    It will round up the list of the cool joomla best and free templates, and is a remarkable, simple as well as clean but quite elegant along with a powerful template.

    • It can adapt the large as well as small size seamlessly
    • It also provides a great look to the website.

    One web

    Best Responsive Joomla Templates8

    It is a template that is used basically or it is also known as the template starter for the joomla which was built by keeping the responsive designs in the mind, and can be used for the development of the better designs of the templates. Some of its features are fluid grid, lightweight, fast as well as HTML5.


    Best Responsive Joomla Templates9

    This template includes numerous features as well as options so that one can start for asking it for free as it is quite good.

    • The layout is extremely beautiful as well as stylish and modern, by which it is able to tick all of the boxes.
    • The design is highly responsive and customizable

    Leo restro

    Best Responsive Joomla Templates10

    This template is available in three different colors which will suit the person style as well as help in supporting the customization of the background and the fonts via the configuration of the template.

    JSN mico

    Best Responsive Joomla Templates11

    This joomla template looks very professional, as it has some of the special feel.

    • It includes all the features that are needed by a person for changing the color to the different layouts
    • It will result in a business oriented template than the fun template.


    Best Responsive Joomla Templates13

    It is designed by a new designer, and thus this template is created for the other people.

    • This template has various styles and options in color.
    • The designer who had designed this template is passionate about the work and always ready to help for the problems if any.


    Best Responsive Joomla Templates14

    It is a free responsive template of joomla; however the process of downloading requires the membership that is totally free.

    • It is built on the shape 5 framework
    • It offers the position of 95 modules, custom rows, and the column width as well as many more features.

    JSN decor

    Best Responsive Joomla Templates15

    It is a fantastic joomla template which is built on the friendly expose framework over the mobile.

    • It includes the host of the powerful plug-ins as well as numerous features.
    • It can run on different mobile devices easily


    Best Responsive Joomla Templates1

    It is the starter template that is quite responsible for the people who use to prefer for creating their own templates.

    • This starter template is built on the HTML5 boilerplate.
    • It is highly responsible and have flexible design


    Best Responsive Joomla Templates12

    This template is a 2.5 template of joomla which is built along with the responsive designs that help in fitting into any of the screen sizes which is available there. This template is available with the support of the RTL, accordion menu as well as the JJ slider, fonts of the Google and many more. This template is also compatible with different joomla templates.

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    Top 20 Must-Have Photoshop Plugins in this Year

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (1)

    Photoshop is one of the best photo editing and designing tools for the web designers, logo designers and photographers. Photoshop is also known as the mother of all other Adobe software collections. It helps in adding various amazing effects in your images. The images look real and high quality with the help of this photo editing tool. It helps you to show your creativity in image editing.

    However, it is the number one photo editing software these days. But still there are certain limitations too in this software. The functions that are non-existent in this tool create a lot of problems for the designers. In such cases, designers have two options. One is to search and download another photo editing tool which is versatile exactly as Photoshop that is quite impossible task for anyone. The other option is to enable plugins in this software which make Photoshop better in terms of advanced features and functionality. Here we are given a list of must have Photoshop plugins which will surely help the designers in designing amazing photographs.

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins

    Perfect effects 8 Free

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (1)

    This plugin has more than 73 photo effects. You can easily combine these photo effects to create more effects.


    • It helps in applying various photo effects with control over blending, painting and masking.
    • The effects created by this plugin look awesome and nice.

    Virtual Photographer

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (2)

    This plugin has more than 200 presets through which you can apply unique effects to your photos with ease.


    • It is featured with a nifty split screen preview function which helps you to check your image before and after editing.
    • It is a time saving plugin.

    Social Kit

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (2)

    This plugin provides you a customizable template for social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google Plus.


    • It helps in creating the social buttons in an image.
    • One can add contributors and see their changes in images in real time.

    CSS Hat

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (3)

    It is a creative plugin for Photoshop which helps in making your web pages in such a way that it looks likes pop out of a hat.


    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (4)

    This plugin solves all the troubles related to the name, color and size of the CSS elements of an image.


    • It is an exact and fast plugin.
    • You just need to copy and paste this plugin in the CSS editor section.

    Freeware Boundary Noise Reduction

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (5)

    As its name suggests, it helps in reducing the noise in your images. The free version of this plugin also works like a premium version.


    • It is easy to use.
    • The filter in this plugin helps in maintaining the sharpness of your image.


    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (6)

    One can design a particular application or a website in a single PSD with the help of this plugin.

    Super PNG

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (7)

    It is one of the incredible plugin for Photoshop. The main function of this plugin is to process a PNG image faster than other plugins.


    • It can easily save a PNG image in smaller size.
    • It is a fast processing plugin.

    Layrs Control

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (8)

    This plugin has a wide collection of scripts which are generally used in mundane tasks. It has an option to remove the unused effects in the images.


    • It is able to delete the empty layers to reduce the size of the image.
    • It has a layer name editor too.

    Guide Guide

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (9)

    Guide Guide plugin helps you in setting the guidelines for your designs.

    Cut and Slice Me

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (10)

    As its name implies, it helps in cutting a section or a part of the image. It is a versatile plugin.


    • Working on this plugin is very easy.
    • You can cut the images according to your choice.

    Wire Worm

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (3)

    This plugin is made for removing wire lines in the images. The working of this plugin is exactly same as Clone Stamp tool.


    • It also has a colour matching algorithm.
    • Working on this plugin is easier than Clone Stamp tool.

    Curves 2

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (11)

    If you are stuck with curve areas in an image, then this plugin perfectly made for you. It has a set of eight pre-sets.

    Blend Me In

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (12)

    It is one of the best Photoshop plugin which helps you in searching at about thousands of assets.


    • Drag and drop function is available in this plugin.
    • The icons present in this plugin are in vector format.

    Adobe’s Kuler

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (4)

    It is the simplest and coolest color picker plugin for Photoshop. You can also make different colors by combining colors with the help of this plugin. You can check the color schemes of other users as well.

    Pano Warp

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (5)

    This plugin is used to fix the distorted panoramas. It converts the curved lines of panoramas into straight lines.

    Local Contrast Enhancement

    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (13)

    It helps in increasing the contrast of an image without disturbing the pixels of that image.


    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (14)

    Photomatic is the combination of eight different plugins. It helps in giving the night vision effects and grainy effects to the images.


    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (15)

    It is a kind of plugin which helps in updating multiple layer comps with a single click.


    Must-Have Photoshop Plugins (16)

    This plugin is good for DE blurring a photo, but it is limited to small blurs only.

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    Top 25+ Responsive WordPress Themes of this Season


    Is responsive web designing the future?

    Actually responsive web designing is a relatively new concept as far as technologies related to the web are concerned. The fact is today with so many devices apart from computers coming in has created a need for this. What a responsive design essentially means is a design that will look the same when viewed on a variety of screens like the normal desktop computers we use or laptops or on tablets or on Smartphones or even on phablets.

    What will happen is the generated or the content of html will remain the same and the layout of the site will automatically adjust according to the screen size of the device you are viewing it on.

    What are the advantages to this responsive web design?

    Responsive WordPress Themes (1)

    When a business goes in for the building up of a site, it is a lot of investment. By having a responsive design they are basically restricting their investment by making it a responsive site and saving on the costs that they would have to incur if they had to design for various devices. What happens is that the infrastructure required for the server and the software used will remain constant for the all devices in question. The content will also size itself for all the devices and remain the same, cutting down the necessity to write it differently for various devices.

    What is the concept of responsive web design development?

    Responsive WordPress Themes (2)

    When it comes to the designing part, the design and development of responsive web design differs a lot from the way web page is developed traditionally. What happened is the designers are not really the concerned about the front end that will be used and they basically work on the creativity aspect. After the design stage the website is handed over to the developer. The developer would then slice the design into html and use it for Content Management Systems like WordPress or other html sites.

    But when it comes to a responsive web design the workflow will differ. The design and development team will have to synchronize and work together to develop the site overall. It then becomes an effort for the whole team to work together and various things will go on a parallel basis. The right team is needed for the website to be developed without letting go of either the functionality or the creative aspects.

    What is Future of Responsive Web Design?

    Responsive WordPress Themes (3)

    The future is that the websites are going to be viewed more often on devices like Smartphone. Which means that we have to consider that data plans for such devices will be more expensive than those used for other devices like computers, which means that viewing Smartphone will be more expensive. Of course when in a wireless kind of setup the Wi Fi connection can be used to view the site.

    Another factor to be accounted for is the processor speed and RAM in Smartphones which are similar to that of desktop computers. It is common to find dual core processors in Smartphones.

    The above points will tell you that responsive web design in the way to go in the future. It is actually a necessity not only for the sake of the site and the devices used but also in terms of what Google has updated in its latest updates emphasizing on responsive designs from the Search Engine Optimization point of view too. The thing is that you can also now find WordPress themes that have a responsive web design, which is something that many are looking for.

    Free Responsive WordPress Themes


    Responsive WordPress Themes (1)


    Responsive WordPress Themes (2)


    Responsive WordPress Themes (3)


    Responsive WordPress Themes (4)


    Responsive WordPress Themes (5)


    Responsive WordPress Themes (6)


    Responsive WordPress Themes (7)


    Responsive WordPress Themes (8)

    Business lite

    Responsive WordPress Themes (9)


    Responsive WordPress Themes (10)

    Minimal Xpert

    Responsive WordPress Themes (11)



    Demo | Download



    Demo | Download



    Demo | Download



    Demo | Download



    Demo |Download



    Demo |Download




    Premium Responsive WordPress Themes

    Gigawatt | Price: $60


    DW Focus | Price: $49


    GameStation | Demo


    Nexus| Price: $39


    Nova| Price: $39


    Harmony| Price: $39


    Trim| Price: $39


    DailyJournal| Price: $39


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    25 Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (3)

    Graphic designing had emerged to be one of the most successful trades in internet world. Being a graphic designer requires too much of efforts, but once you are in then you are in great business. Graphic designing had been popular since the times of cinemas. The internet significance of graphic designing had increased significantly over past 2 decades. Graphics designers should always be up to date with the latest trends and technologies. Adobe is the best friend of graphic designers as the tools launched by adobe are of utmost significance for them. Adobe launches many tools for graphic designers to improve the quality of designs as well as to ease the extra effort they put on to prepare every design. Adobe also launches illustrator videos and tutorials for the designers to learn about new tools from it. The recent in the trends are Illustrator CS 6 & CS5 tutorials from Adobe.

    You can create a more productive design using Illustrator CS 6 by Adobe. You can easily find Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 tutorials on internet. Just study them once to create the perfect design and bring more fertility to your design. Adobe had tried its best to ease the hectic schedules of graphic designers by introducing the Illustrator CS 6 for designers. Some of designers might be using traditional methods of graphic designing that are time consuming and back breaking. Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 had brought a modern look to graphic designing through their different tools and tutorials, making people learn to create the best from just anything.

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (1)

    It is the duty of every graphic designer to be aware about the latest trends and tools related designing and modernizing the images. The Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 tutorials provide you the flexibility to create more compact and fertile designs using Adobe tools. Most of the designers had started using Illustrators to create the best design ever and satisfy their customers with their designing skills.

    Illustrator users learn the significant skills through the tutorials available over the internet. You can also learn them in paid classroom sessions. The illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 tutorials offer detailed illustrations and instructions that serve as guide for the designing process. Some of the basic designing skills included in illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 tutorials are-

    • Conversion of text to editable outlines
    • Designing seasonal layouts
    • Creation of beveled effects and more

    Advantages of Using Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5

    • It has got sleek and new interface
    • It is fast
    • Gradients on stroke
    • It have good bitmap tracing tools
    • Powerful pattern creation tools

    Top Features of Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (2)

    • Speed, Performance and Design: Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 is the best additions to Adobe toolkit. These have got great speeds and performances. It can open complex files easily and can efficiently manage quick export and saving of file. You can now make the background extra darker than before and add light text too. The image tracing engine had also been added with its design.
    • Creative Features: You can add on wonderful features like ‘gradients on stroke’ to your design or image. This feature can turn fat line drawing to gradient fill. There are several more features like this to add your creativity with the design.
    • New User Interface: Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 user interfaces had been rebuilt and had been improved to large extent. It had become easier to reach the controls and dialogs. Though the toolbox is still on the left and workspace in the middle.

    The improvements in adobe designing kit had helped the designers to large extent over the times. So, if you are a designer than you should go through Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 tutorials and improve on your designing skills.

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials

    iOS App Icon Design

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (1)

    Seamless Patterns

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (2)

    Grungy CMYK Pattern

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (3)

    Geometric Vector Portrait

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (4)

    Skull with Mesh Tool

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (5)

    Vector drop shadow

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (6)

    Sleeve Tattoo

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (7)

    Vector cross stitch effect

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (8)

    Space Ship

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (9)

    Realistic Pen Nib

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (10)

    Simple Vector Artwork

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (11)

    Decorated Skull

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (12)

    Cartoon Character

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (13)

    Air & Clothes

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (14)

    3D Pixel Art

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (15)

    Brushes & Patterns

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (16)

    Designing Lips

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (17)

    Blend tool

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (18)

    Vector Camp Badges

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (19)

    Vector Portraits

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (20)

    Folded Text Effect

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (21)

    Kawaii Character

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (22)

    Power Button

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (23)

    Logo design

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (24)

    Create buttons

    Best Illustrator CS 6 & CS 5 Tutorials to learn this year (25)

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    11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year

    Blogging is great fun and then blogging on Mac which is a great computer can be a lot of fun. But the key to doing this and doing it well lies in knowing the right apps for blogging. Here is a list of apps that will make blogging on Mac a breeze.


    It is not exactly very economically priced but is worth the price as it provides integration with almost all blogging platforms and CMS like Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type etc.

    Blogging Tools For Mac


    It is not only very affordable but is really simple in terms of changing the size of images in bulk and placing watermarks. It is easy to use and very efficient.

    11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year

    Adobe Photoshop CS6

    This may be beyond the means of casual bloggers and those who feel so can go for GIMP which id open source and thereby affordable. This app is really handy for making one of a kind graphics among other things. You can also used to elements of your site.

    11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year

    iBooks Author

    If you are looking to simply come up with a good eBook, then this option which is free will work for you. It has many templates and page layouts for free and really makes the ebook creation very simple. You can also export directly to the iBooks store or even to PDF format though Epub exporting is not possible but you can convert PDF to Epub using a converter

    11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year


    Want to keep a tab on your ideas even when you are out and about? Then you can use the combination of Apple notes and Evernote cloud which can be synchronized to the computer. The deal with Evernotes is that you can add more forms of post which for its pricing makes for a good deal.

    11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year


    Do you find yourself in a mess? Then make use of Wunderlist as your taskmaster. Make use of the lovely and useful list design to keep track of the tasks that you will find yourself being able to meet deadlines.

    11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year


    This is free and also provides you with a superb interface without distractions that is not simply a white page. As you type a sentence you will only see that which keeps you from going and back forth to see what you have been writing. It is good for putting down ideas on paper but does not have spelling check so check to ensure that mistakes are minimized.

    11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year


    While Skype is great for getting in touch with people, networking or even taking interviews it also helps in making your blog grow as video chatting is one of the ways to go in the future.

    Blogging Tools For Mac


    This tool of Apple is an asset when you are working on putting together ebooks, white papers etc. This tool comes in hand exporting to PDF, DOC and Epub. So all you need to do is put together a document that is ready to be marketed on sites like Amazon. Plus you have many templates to pick from, graphics are quite easy and you can take screenshots to be used on the blog. It is also reasonably priced.

    11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year

    Google Drive

    Having your post safely stored in a cloud is really comforting and this is what Google drive does. Plus you can also edit it any time you want and that too from any place. What more can you ask for?

    Blogging Tools For Mac

    Problogger Book

    This one is really good guide for those who want to get into blogging. It throws light on many things that may have flummoxed in this regard.

    11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year

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    Cool Gift Ideas for Geeky Designers in this Holiday Season

    We all wait for those special days every year which brings joy, fun, happiness and we get some leisure time away from our routine work. Holidays are not holy days in fact it is the time when you party hard with your friends and relatives. You become a free soul and enjoy sometimes with friends and sometime alone in peace. I know some geek friends who are bit different from what we call happy go lucky people.

    Cool Gift Ideas for Geeky Designers in this Holiday Season

    Continue reading

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    50 Beautiful Body Painting and Skin Artworks To Try This Halloween

    The beauty of body painting and Skin Artwork is that it shows the human body’s ability to act as a canvas. Some of the most stunning paint and skin jobs involve transforming the model into a completely different kind of human being or a  colorful Alien. We never thought that the body can be used as a medium for artistic expression in many ways, which are shown in our 50 Beautiful Body Painting and Skin Artworks for your inspiration.

    Continue reading

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    Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS


    Web safe fonts are something you’ll commonly find on a wide range of computer systems.

    They’re used by web content authors in order to increase the likelihood that their content will actually display in their chosen font.

    If your website’s visitor doesn’t have the specified font, the browser will try to choose an alternative, based on the list of fonts the author specified as a failsafe, or it will use a substitute in the visitor’s operating system.

    There are font embedding services, such as Typekit or Google Fonts, and they’re a great alternative if you want your designs to have something fresh and unexpected. And, they’re also very easy to use.

    0a646e1bb1b35405822554b983b Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    For example, with Google, you can choose any font. Generate the code, and just paste it in the <head> of your document. There, you’re ready to reference it in CSS. And, it takes less than 60 seconds. And, it’s free. Thanks, Google!

    Why does a web safe font matter?

    1200px-HelveticaSpecimenCH. Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    On each device, there’s a list of common fonts and font families. It is usually based on the operating system, but each differs a little bit. For example, a Windows device will have one list of fonts, while a macOS device has another. And, there’s a proprietary list for Google’s Android OS.

    Just go ahead and open any website. The font you’re seeing might not be the one the author originally intended.

    2000px-Arial_font.svg_ Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    What this means is that if the designer chose some obscure font for the site’s design, instead of a standard web font, or any of the other web friendly fonts for that matter, and you don’t have the font installed, the font you see might go back to some basic font, such as Times New Roman. Sure, as a visitor, you won’t know that it happened at all, but it will look plain ugly.

    1200px-Times_New_Roman-samp Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    Choosing any font from the web safe fonts list will mean that the font is present on any operating system. That’s the small collection of fonts, such as HTML fonts and CSS fonts, that will overlap with Windows, Mac, Google, and even Linux and Unix. These are the best fonts for websites, just because of this fact.

    Trebuchet-Font-Typography-8 Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    They also give designers, as well as website owners, the option to specify which fonts the site should fall back to if necessary. That way, you have control over what will show up, regardless of the device. And you can pick something that’s close to the original font, the one you wanted, and your users won’t see something that’s extremely random. This is a plan B, a system that saves the user from bad font selections.

    Courier.svg_ Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    But, why can’t you just use whatever font you want? Or can you? Which ones can you use safely, easily, and reliably? The limited font choices on the Web is a pretty common design challenge. In print, what you see actually is what you get, but it’s different on the Web.

    1200px-ComicSansSpec3.svg_ Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    If you want the viewers to see what the designer sees, you should either have the viewers have all web-safe fonts, or for the fonts to be accessible from a remote server.

    If none of these scenarios is true, the fonts will default to something completely else, which often gives you an undesirable result.


    This is why web designers commonly stick to the web safe fonts that are common for most operating systems.

    Web safe fonts

    These fonts include serif, sans serif, and symbol typefaces. Some of them were originally intended for print, but others are specifically made for the screens.

    • Courier New is similar to Times New Roman, and is a variation of an old classic. It’s also considered to be a monospace font.
    • Garamond is another old-school option. It dates back to the styles used in 16th century Paris, but the new, improved version was introduced, and bundled with most Windows devices. It has been, since, adopted with others too.
    • Bookman is another excellent headline option that maintains both legibility and readability, even when you use it at a small size.
    • Trebuchet MS is actually a medieval-themed font, which was originally made by Microsoft back in the mid-90s. Used commonly on the XP version of the OS, it commonly appears as body copy online.
    • Comic Sans MS this is a playful, whimsical alternative to many of the other sans serif options. And, it’s a bit fugly and hated all over the world.
    • Helvetica is the go-to sans serif font for a designer. You can never go wrong with using it, even if you’re only using it as a fallback for another choice.

    Sans Serif

    free-sans-serif-fonts-to-do Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    The most legible web-safe typeface, Verdana, had its designer pay special attention to making sure that the text is very readable on a screen, even when used in small sizes. It offers a tall x-height, as well as a comfortable width and open letter spacing.

    Verdana-Font Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    The Trebuchet MS typeface is also a typeface that maintains the clarity and readability, and it’s a bit narrower than Verdana, letting you put more copy in the same space. The unusual lowercase ‘g’ and the curved stroke endings give it more distinctiveness than Verdana.

    Whatdafont-Arial_Page_30 Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    The Arial typeface wasn’t originally made for the web, but it does work very well. It’s similar to Helvetica in terms of spacing and width, but it has slight character modifications.

    1200px-ArialMTsp.svg_-1 Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS


    Designed for the web, the Georgia typeface is an alternative to Times New Roman. It has open letterforms and spacing, and is clean, crisp and easy to read, even at small sizes. In size and stature, it’s similar to Verdana. Even though it’s great for certain situations, avoid pairing it with others like Times New Roman, because they’ll look miniscule when compared to each other.

    033ba0d31557627b70985a31767-1 Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    Times New Roman was originally designed for print, and is therefore not the easiest one to read on the web, and it gets worse at smaller sizes. If you like the look, but need something more versatile, use Georgia instead.

    Times-New-Roman-The-Newpape Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    All of the fonts mentioned above are available both in Regular and Bold, with italics.

    Symbol fonts

    You’ll find Wingdings, Webdings and the ITC Zapf Dingbats included with most of today’s operating systems.

    maxresdefault-5 Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    They have plenty of useful graphics, from geometric shapes and thought bubbles, to arrows, stars and snowflakes. However, when a font menu is displayed, the font names might show up as symbols, because what you see is what you get.

    ITCZapfDingbats.ttf_ Web Safe Fonts To Use In HTML and CSS

    Ending thoughts on web safe fonts

    A web safe font will give you a plan B, a fallback option when you think your first option might not work. They’ve been available on most devices for quite some time, and are widely accessible.

    Even though not all of them are popular and look good (I’m looking at you, Comic Sans MS), you’ll find that you have plenty to choose from that are closely related to what you originally wanted. And if you can’t? Just use Helvetica, you can’t go wrong.

    If you liked this article about web safe fonts, you should check out these as well:

    Published at Mon, 15 Jan 2018 12:00:18 +0000

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    Best iPhone adventure games with epic stories behind them

    Best iPhone adventure games with epic stories behind them

    [unable to retrieve full-text content]

    If you are searching for iPhone adventure games, take a tour of this article with really interesting and engaging apps. They are a good fit for those times when you…

    The post Best iPhone adventure games with epic stories behind them appeared first on Design your way.

    Published at Fri, 12 Jan 2018 12:00:49 +0000

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    Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    So it seems that bold and large badge logo designs are re-conquering commercial and branding design.

    A few years ago, badge logos found their way back to successful marketing strategies, and the trend has continued since as a stylish and personalized way to convey a brand’s identity.

    What is a badge logo?

    Explained broadly, badges are attachable objects that symbolize and represent a brand, and contain the most important information about it.

    usa Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    Badge logo designs vary from simple emblems containing the name, location, establishment date, or tag line of a business, to brave and colorful attachments that aim to convey an important messages.

    austin Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    For many popular brands, emblems are a core and permanent element of their promotional activity, and an item most designers deem as absolutely necessary. Yet, you’ll come across those who discourage brands from pushing up badge logo ideas, right because their visibility is occasionally compromised upon resizing.

    Truth is, brand logo design ought to be dealt with care, as this is the only way to get a truly beautiful product.

    badge Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    Badge logo shapes and size limitations make it difficult to execute an appealing, unique, and informative logo and make sure that the general public can identify with your business concept.

    Most badge logos, for example, are oblong or round logos, and employ unique combinations of colors, textures, and vector patterns to make the final product memorable (think of hipster logos, for instance). There is usually an icon placed at the very center of the badge, and a tagline that follows the circumference of the badge.

    badges-1 Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    What’s the difference between badges and logos?

    badges Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    When looking for badge logo inspiration, your first task will be to understand the difference between badges and logos altogether.

    As a social media marketer, for instance, you should know that badges are small but highly inviting images that grab peoples’ attention and lead them you your websites and pages, namely tiny portions of content that are easy to share and distribute.

    bear_icon Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    Yet, catching the eye is not everything badges can do – they are the perfect area to place your logo, and explain in a nutshell who you are and what you do. All in all, badge logos make memorable first impressions.

    The best way to go when picking a badge logo size is to offer it in several different variants, and let the visitor choose the formats that would look the best on their blogs/sites.

    coffff Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration


    Embedded badges can do miracles for your promotional tactics, as clicking on them will lead each visitor to your website, regardless of where the badge was located.

    So far, so simple, isn’t it?

    A useful tip: Beautiful badges also have a role on social media, as you can include them on your Facebook/Twitter pages, and make them an integral part of your event announcements. The best way to go here is to get a badge that is easy to change, or will ideally be useful for a number of different events.

    curious-case-stuff-2 Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    Despite of being a popular design figure, a badge is not exclusively devoted to corporate users, and differs significantly from brands and marks. Instead of serving only the advertising industry, the representative, abstract image applies to broader concepts such as allegories, moral truths, or even people.

    patches Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    Basically, badges are easily comparable to icons, and touch on standardized and even universal concepts instead of promoting companies on crowded markets. Often, they convey a personal message, or symbolize value, beliefs, lifestyles, and more (think of vintage badge logos, for instance).

    designtaughtmefreedom Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    Turning back to the archives of our robust pop culture, we’d discover a number of great emblems that made it to history, including the one of Superman (DC Comics logo by House of El). Despite of not representing a successful business, this logo is the most recognized and universally appreciated one worldwide.

    Emblems can, of course, be religious in nature, as shown by St. Catherine’s wheel, or the bell and pig on St. Anthony Abbott’s badges.

    Looking for badge logo inspiration? Let us help you!

    Not everything is about details

    dribbb Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    The first problem you’d encounter working on your brand logo design is the estate you have available – on a product like this, a green eye doesn’t have to drown in color, and there shouldn’t necessarily be a flying seagull over a coast scene. Bring your ideas down to mere essentials, and you’ll be surprised by how attractive simplicity can be..

    Combine flashy and plain colors

    drunk-bear Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    While it is good to experiment with brave combinations and contrasts, and make sure viewers will remember your badge, you have to make smart and predefined choices to keep the logo in loop even once the novelty wears off. Saturated and flashy colors are also suitable, as long as you confirmed your audience would like them.

    The drawing technique is not everything that matters

    hcn Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    Let’s face it – most of the beautiful badges designed per day will never make it to an art gallery. Yet, you have to ensure that your audience will enjoy wearing them, and treat them as symbols of habits, likes, and aspirations. That’s what badges are all about!

    land_of_nod_badges Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    Put this way, the badge art won’t require you to have perfect illustration skills, but rather do some basic, on-point drawings. For artists, this won’t be that much of a challenge.

    Look outside the box

    help Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    Who said your badge should always come in the same shape? A round badge may just be the starting point, and you may as well expand your ideas to Eiffel-tower or giraffe-neck shapes if you think that will work.

    Also, how about a multi-functional badge? A piece that closes a bag or buttons up a kerchief will not only be beautiful, but practical as well!

    lfe Badge Logo Design Ideas To Use As Inspiration

    As you see, there much more to a good badge than appearance. You have to be creative and take your design skills to the next level, as this way you will give users a special piece they can’t find elsewhere.

    Ending thoughts on badge logos

    Badges, according to some designers, are not equivalent to logos, but represent trendy pieces of graphic art you can easily skip in your marketing strategy.

    On the opposite, you have those who claim badges are beautiful and very useful, and that their ‘complex simplicity’ and practical application can help every business promote its work.

    If you liked this article about badge logos, you should check out these as well:

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    Looking for the Best WordPress Themes of 2018? Read On

    What is, in your opinion, a must when it’s time to establish an online presence for your business? We say it is having an attractive website design. An attractive, engaging website will only take you so far, however.

    These days, more people are using smartphones for their online research and shopping. Thus, “attractive and engaging” won’t take you quite far enough.

    Your website also needs to be responsive.

    Creating a responsive website isn’t a problem with WordPress. All you need to do is use the latest responsive WP themes.

    ThemeForest is the leader in the WordPress theme marketplace. It gives you thousands of responsive themes to choose from. That’s an awful lot of themes to have to pick from. Why not simply narrow your choices down to the top 10 WP themes described below?

    Having done that, all you need to do is check out their features to find the best possible fit.

    Be Theme

    1000x415-300 Looking for the Best WordPress Themes of 2018? Read On

    Be Theme’s more than 300 pre-built websites cover most of the web-building challenges you are ever likely to encounter. Whether you’re working for a client that represents a specific business niche, or you have a diverse clientele to keep happy, Be Theme has you covered.

    Be’s selection of pre-built websites feature customizable and responsive themes for everything from creative agencies to accountants, fitness clubs to beauty salons, and cafes and bistros to investment services. One-page websites, and websites for bloggers and eCommerce clients are also well represented.

    Be Theme is easy to use, its pre-built websites can be accessed with a single click, and no coding is required. It’s also great for creating prototypes you can use to demonstrate your capabilities to prospective clients.

    Be Theme is the largest WordPress theme on the market, and a ThemeForest top 5 best seller. Its 40 core features include the Muffin Builder page builder/editor, an options panel along with multiple header, color, shortcode, and layout choices, and a host of special effects.

    Kalium – Creative Theme for Professionals

    2-2 Looking for the Best WordPress Themes of 2018? Read On

    Kalium is yet another large and highly flexible multipurpose website builder that’s worthy of your consideration. It’s loaded with demo sites, layouts, and all the design elements and shortcodes you’re ever likely to need.

    You don’t need a ton of experience to use Kalium’s professional page-building features either. With this easy-to-use tool, even a relatively inexperienced website designer can create a striking portfolio, a blog, a successful online shop (multiple shop layouts are provided), or almost any other type of website, in minutes.

    The demos aren’t limited to home page examples either. There’s a host of layouts you can use for your landing pages. Web-building tools include Revolution and Layer sliders, Visual Composer, and premium fonts and plugins.

    Kalium is a ThemeForest best-seller, and a recipient of many best-in-industry awards.


    3 Looking for the Best WordPress Themes of 2018? Read On

    With its interconnected family of header, content, and footer builders, Pro may well be the most advanced website creator for WordPress. Pro was designed with creative professionals in mind. It was also designed to be the tool of choice for those who are striving to fit into that category.

    Pro’s Header Builder enables you to easily create anything from the most basic to the most artistic, complex, and even mind-bending header layouts. The Content Builder’s drag and drop and optimized workflow features are definite productivity boosters. With the Footer Builder at your disposal, you’ll be able to show the world that even the lowly footer can be engaging and a thing of beauty.

    If you prefer, you can work directly from your browser. With its dozens of free extensions, building blocks, and more, Pro is a game changer. If you can imagine it, you can build it!


    4 Looking for the Best WordPress Themes of 2018? Read On

    If your online success depends on your ability to present a picture-perfect, breathtaking portfolio, Uncode should be your WordPress theme of choice, whether you’re a blogger, a photographer, a marketer, or a web designer having a diverse set of clients to satisfy.

    Designed to satisfy the needs of creative professionals, Uncode requires no coding, and has always been easy to use. The latest version, Uncode 1.6, is even easier to work with.


    5-1 Looking for the Best WordPress Themes of 2018? Read On

    With 50,000+ purchases, and still counting, Newspaper is the best-selling blog, news, and magazine WordPress theme of all time. Developed by tagDiv, a Power Elite Envato Author, the Newspaper’s responsive and retina ready layouts can be used for any magazine, blog, news, or publishing website you might have in mind.

    Newspaper comes with 48+ easily-to-install, customizable demos that address a whole host of topics, together with a live editing page builder, multiple design elements, sliders, widgets, ad spaces, and more.

    TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

    6 Looking for the Best WordPress Themes of 2018? Read On

    TheGem by CodexThemes, is a wonderful creative toolkit for crafting modern and powerful websites in minutes. It has just about everything you would expect in a multipurpose theme, including 70+ ready-to-go creative homepage concepts for any business niche!

    This multipage- and one page-ready gem includes Visual Composer as its page builder, and brings with it a host of creative page templates, unique design concepts, widgets, shortcodes, and design options. There are plenty of portfolio and blog layouts as well. You can freely combine elements, and no coding is required.


    7 Looking for the Best WordPress Themes of 2018? Read On

    This easy to work with, fully responsive theme is ideal for real estate individuals or agencies in need of websites that not only have the necessary features and functionalities, but fully meet the needs of their users as well.

    Houzez comes with a complete assortment of industry-standard design tools, plugins, and property search, membership, and payments systems that will allow you to create a site in strict accordance with the realtor’s business model.

    The Core

    8 Looking for the Best WordPress Themes of 2018? Read On

    The Core is another WordPress theme that gives you the impression that you own a whole host of WordPress themes instead of one. Its website demos cover key business and corporate niches, non-profit and creative agencies and organizations, and small businesses as well.

    The Core offers multiple page layouts, header and footer options, and slider, color, and font options. There are plenty of shortcodes as well, so there’s never a need for coding.

    ListingPro Directory WordPress Theme

    9 Looking for the Best WordPress Themes of 2018? Read On

    Listing Pro provides an all-in-one solution to those in need of starting an online directory business. This ThemeForest #1 best-seller is the only end-to-end WordPress Directory all-in-one solution on the market. There’s no need to purchase additional plugins to get the core Directory functionality you need. No Paid Plug-ins needed Everything is included.

    XStore – Responsive WooCommerce Theme

    10 Looking for the Best WordPress Themes of 2018? Read On

    If you’re at all worried about whether your launching of an online store will be successful, you can put your fears to rest by using a WordPress theme that’s dedicated toward that purpose. XStore is an elegant, intuitive theme that includes all the pages, tools, and settings you’ll need to create an online shop that’s both trustworthy and professional looking.

    This minimalist, and responsive theme with 70+ layouts makes creating a fully-functional, engaging online store a piece of cake.

    Summing Up

    Choose any of these best-selling WordPress themes. Any of these can get your 2018 website building efforts off to a great start. Not only that!

    They have the tools you need to maintain your momentum well past the time when 2018 has become history.

    Do you need a website builder for a specific niche? Or, maybe you need one to help you serve a diverse clientele? Whatever your choice is, you’ll find the right fit here.

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    5 Ways To Be A More Creative Photographer In The New Year

    Staying creative and innovative can be a challenge when you’ve been in photography for a while. At some point, you may get the feeling that you’ve taken every possible photo and that there’s no reason to keep going. Because you’ve stopped growing creatively, you’re at risk of losing your passion for your job or hobby.

    One way to rekindle your love for photography is to focus on your creative growth. Creativity helps you approach photography in a fresh way and discover new methods for taking great photos. It also makes photography more fun.

    To help boost your creativity, we’ve put together a list of ways to become a more creative photographer in the new year.

    Nimit Nigam by Heaven on Earth…
    Nimit Nigam by Heaven on Earth...

    1. Believe It’s Possible To Become More Creative

    The first step to becoming more creative is to believe creativity is something you can get better at. A lot of us are taught that our creativity is fixed. We’re told that some lucky people are born creative geniuses, while others are not.

    Within this mindset, there’s nothing we can do to change our creative output or “talent”. The sad part of this perspective is that it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you think you can’t grow creatively, you won’t.

    If, instead, you believe creativity is a skill, not a birthright, you’ll be more open to creative growth. You can and will actually get better at it. As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—-you’re right.”

    That’s why it’s important to first let go of a “fixed mindset” towards creativity and adopt a “growth mindset“. The following steps below will show you that you can, in fact, become more creative.

    benoit alluin – Nos béquilles
    benoit alluin - Nos béquilles

    2. Train Yourself To See Many Solutions

    Creativity can be viewed as a problem-solving skill. Someone who only knows one or two ways to solve a problem isn’t as creative as someone with many solutions to the same problem. As a photographer, you’re trying to solve the problem of taking awesome photos. In other words, the more ways you know how to take a great photo, the more creative you are as a photographer.

    Here are a few examples to practice seeing more than one solution:

    • Before you take a shot, pause and think of three or five different ways to take the photo.
    • Consider how you would have taken a good photo if the conditions were different (lighting/weather/camera/settings/style/etc).
    • Look at the work of other photographers and imagine other ways you could capture the same scene or subject.

    Simon Gardiner – From the sky down
    Simon Gardiner - From the sky down

    3. Learn New Things

    We tend to see creativity as coming up with something out of thin air. However, most innovations and art build on ideas and technology that are already there. The creative process is often a matter of taking (and combining) what is already around us, and move it one step further. Steve Jobs, for example, didn’t invent the personal computer, but he did take it to the next level. Picasso first learned how to paint traditionally and was then influenced by other artists.

    The ability to make new connections between things is an essential part of creativity. Ideas and skills are the resources you use to combine and create new things. This is why it’s important to learn new things in order to be creative. The more skills and knowledge you have, the more potential connections you can make.

    When you learn a new technology or subject, even if it’s unrelated to photography, you open up new paths for taking interesting photos. So, in the new year, let your curiosity take you to new places. Let topics outside of photography inspire you. You might end up with a whole new way of creating photos!

    Elizme – Transformation
    Elizme - Transformation

    4. Fail More

    If every photo you take is amazing, you’re probably not getting more creative with your work. You grow by trying out new things, and when you try new things, most of the time you fail.

    One way to make sure you’re growing creatively is to keep track of your failure rate. You can calculate your failure rate by documenting your failures. Whenever you take a set of bad photos by pushing yourself, mark it down in a journal or diary. Then, after seven days (or a month), you know the number of “failures” you experienced per week, which is your current failure rate. The next step is beating that target the following week by trying out new things.

    Alternatively, you could aim for a certain number of failed photos per shoot, say three to five, in which you go out of your comfort zone. Hang on to these photos and keep them in a special place to look back on. The main point is that failure is a sign of progress you should celebrate and keep track of.

    Shane Taremi – Aerial
    Shane Taremi - Aerial

    5. Create Empty Space In Your Life

    You become more creative when you alternate periods of focus with periods of relaxation. It’s the relaxation part that we sometimes overlook, but it’s no less important for creativity than intense focus.

    New ideas and solutions often pop up at times when we least expect them. You’ve probably experienced such moments during a shower or commute, when you weren’t actually thinking about a problem, but suddenly you thought of a solution. In these situations, your subconscious was still working on the problem, while you were doing something else.

    It’s these types of sudden insights you want to make space for in your life. You can create this empty space for creativity by going on a walk, meditating, or doing nothing at all. Even when you don’t have epiphanies during these activities, they help you recharge for when you start focusing on your photography again.

    All of the above photo were selected from our fantastic Flickr group. Want to be part of a creative community of photographers? Feel free to join our group!

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    Sick of WP? There’s an Easier Way to Build Your Website

    WordPress is great if you enjoy spending time coding rather than designing. Most of us love design and do the coding out of necessity.

    When it comes to your design website, you need it live quickly, and you want to be able to make changes in minutes rather than hours.

    Is a website builder the answer?

    Have you looked at modern site builders recently? You might be surprised at how far they have come in the past two years.

    Advantages of Website Builders

    Drag and drop interfaces and visual design rather than having to code every box and font change make builders a desirable proposition.

    Creating a website for your business is a task you can do in two hours rather than seven days if you use s site builder like Instasite (Screenshot below) rather than WordPress.

    This article will focus on just one, Instasite from LCN because there are too many site builders to cover here.

    123 Sick of WP? There's an Easier Way to Build Your Website

    Screenshot source

    Ease of Use

    Layout is crucial for a designer, but WordPress themes don’t allow your creativity free rein. Instasite and some other site builders use a drag and drop facility to let you place images, text boxes and forms anywhere on the page without any coding.

    No Hosting Needed

    Hosting costs are included. When you consider that decent hosting will set you back $10 per month, the monthly site builder payment of the same amount becomes a no-brainer when you see what extras you get for the same money.

    Site Builder Updates are Automatic

    If you use WP, you need to check for theme, WordPress and plugin updates at least every day. You then need to back up your site and complete the update manually. If you use a site builder, all this happens automatically, which means one less item on your daily to-do list.

    Included Templates

    You have dozens of templates, all of which you can customise, or you can start with a blank page and drag and drop items around at will. You can create an infinite number of site designs with any site builder.

    Free Images

    We all know the power of visuals, but we don’t want to take out subscriptions to stock photo agencies. Many website builders include free photos you can use and edit as you see fit.

    No Plugins Required

    Website builders don’t have or need plugins, which makes them better than WordPress because every plugin slows down your site. Builders have all the functionality you need to be included in the optimised code for the building platform.

    Built-in SEO

    Search engine optimisation usually needs you to pay for tools. Building software includes everything you need for free.

    Advantages of WordPress

    WordPress has attractive features, too.

    WordPress is Free

    The software is free, and you only need to pay for your domain name and hosting. However, it’s not that simple.

    Free themes are rarely updated, and forum support from fellow users is unlikely to be adequate. You need to pay $100 every year if you want a theme that has a support team to update it with every new WordPress release.


    You could code any desired feature into the custom WordPress theme you use for your website, but code doesn’t rock your boat, so you end up using plugins.

    Free plugins have similar support issues to free themes, and they are usually only tasters for expensive premium plugins. Website builders have more features built in, and you don’t need plugins.

    Hosting is Cheap

    You have to pay for hosting, but you can find hosting for $2 per month that lets you host 200 sites.

    You can, but what happens when your 200 sites go live? Your sites are all frozen because they need more server resources than your ‘unlimited everything for $1.95 per month’ account includes. It turns out that server resources weren’t unlimited and you have to change hosts or move to a more expensive plan.

    You only have one site anyway, so you don’t need a hosting plan with unlimited domains.

    Check out hosting costs in this DesignYourWay post.

    The Short Version

    You can do more with a website builder more quickly. WordPress may appear to be free, but supported themes, premium plugins and hosting all add up. When you look at the time you save, builders come out the clear winners against WP, especially for designers who don’t love code.

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    Neo-Traditional Tattoos of “Pastel Gore” by Brando Chiesa


    Italian tattooist Brando Chiesa calls his work “pastel gore,” and the description is so apt. His bold neo-traditional style is seeping with cotton candy pinks, mint greens, and lilac. Despite this subdued palette, the content of his work is grotesque. His imagery is often inspired by Japanese pop culture—including animated films by Hayao Miyazaki and…

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